June 16th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Back from Austin

Mom, Shadow, the boys and I set out from the house at 9:30 yesterday morning. Our first stop was Cingular, where they could sell me a new SIM card, but claimed that they couldn't activate the card because my account is based in Kentucky.

In the car, I determined that Cingular couldn't activate the new card. I was given the ATT Wireless help number to call. I took a break from phone calling to eat my Micky Dees breakfast and go shopping with the boys at Dragon's Lair. We had only brought Rail Baron, which won't play well on the next legs of the trip. We picked up Chez Grunt, Before I Kill You Mister Spy, and Chrononauts: the Early America version. We had fun chatting with the guy behind the counter, who was happy to take quarters from Tigger for his share of the games, and was impressed that we figured out the original title of Before I Kill You.

Our next stop was CompUSA, where Critter bought a laptop sleeve, and I didn't find any serendipitous help from their tech desk. ;)

Back in the car, I called the ATT side of Cingular, to find out that they don't have access to unlock codes. So I gave up on that until we got to cougarpants's and tigerknight's house. After I introduced everyone, I set Tiger to worrying at my problem, and I had a working phone within the hour.

The Cingular guy changed various things on my account to match up with using a PDA instead of a phone now, and warned me that my internet software might not work. It turns out that it didn't work in Austin, but it does work just fine here in San Antonio. I expect it has to do with whether it finds a Cingular-Cingular network or an ATT-Cingular network to connect to. Mergers are not seamless.

I've got the unlock codes for my PDA pasted to my user manual now. Thank you, Tiger!!!

Mom and the boys didn't stay too long, as Mom was anxious to get on the road up to Waco. After they left, the three of us hopped into the pool to paddle about and play with Travis.

I really enjoyed seeing Cougarpants again, and meeting Tigerknight. Their home is great, their dogs are wonderful, and their kitties are cute. We had lots of nice cuddle time (people and pets), yummy food, watched The Emperor's New Groove, and got to just chill and chat.

This afternoon, they drove me back to San Antonio, and Mom and Dad treated us all to dinner at Zio's before Tigerknight and Cougarpants drove back to Austin.

Critter has now installed Tiger on all three of our computers, and I'm still busily exploring all the capabilities of my new toy. I skimmed through webmail on the Treo while the cube was updating, and now I'm catching up on LJ.

I talked to Flar tonight, and found out that the Treo makes a decent speakerphone. (I'd run down the battery on my headset.)
While in speakerphone, I can access all the non-internet features on the Treo during a phone call. I used it to look at the calendar bunches while I was planning our Orlando - DC vacation segment with Flar. He's decided that he will be able to join us.

Flood is recovering well. Her eyes are no longer dilated, so she's really just getting over a whole bunch of serious bruising at this point. She's got days and days of antibiotics prescribed, and a followup checkup tomorrow. She still smells funny to the scotties, and they have to be kept separate to prevent any rough housing while Flood is healing.

Flar says he's been finding dead animals in the back yard - if I understand correctly, they've been killed overnight, so it's something that's not the dogs. He says he's found a dead squirrel and a dead adolescent raccoon. Mystery...

And now to my reading...