June 11th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Day in the Sun

I stayed up until Flar was driving home last night, and then woke up a few times during the night for phone calls and a few times this morning for phone calls, so I ended up sleeping in late again.

Flood is improving. She is getting antibiotics and pain medicine at the emergency clinic, and under observation. They think all her internal organs are okay, although there is some indication of bruising on her liver. Flar says he will be going to pick her up tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Flar backtracked about a day in his recovery, from the lack of sleep. And his foot is flaring up again, but sneakers seem to be helping.

The boys and I spent the afternoon/early evening at Fiesta Texas, while Mom and Dad went to a wedding. We rode one ride - the Boomerang, then hung out in the heat at the wave pool. We found a chaise lounge for me to be HQ, and the boys came back and forth from the wave pool and the snack bar. I got in the pool when we got there, once in the middle, and when we left.

Daddy treated us to dinner at Shogun tonight. Yummy food. Now I'm thinking of a bubble bath and early-to-bed, as we're getting up at 8:30 in the morning to get to the second church service.