June 8th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mac tells me it's Wednesday

They say it's a sign of a good vacation when you don't know what day of the week it is, right?

I've been enjoying sleeping in since I got here - today I actually got up before noon (15 minutes still counts). We had lunch at Pappasito's today, and dinner there yesterday.

Mom and I took Tigger to the pool this afternoon. I swam a lap and splashed a bit, then got out and sunned in the shade with my paperback. We ran by HEB on the way home for drinks, and they were selling Buy Three Dr. Pepper brand 12-packs for $9, and Get One Free. Woot! I couldn't find Aquafina sparkle, so we got a 12-pack of plain LaCroix.

When we were in LA, I managed to misplace my PDA. It didn't show up in the checked luggage when we got here, so it's been declared MIA. And I've talked my parents into splitting the cost of a Treo 650 with me. We're going to do some calling around about it tomorrow to try to get the best price on it. PDA-Phone with Bluetooth would rock. Especially the only PDA with the Handspring Datebook Plus and Advanced Calculator.

But my darling geek son got Flar to fix whatever was wrong with the kitchen computer (it wasn't responding over the net), and got him to export my calendars and addresses, so I now have what I need for postcards: on my account on Mom's cube, and on Critter's laptop.

We've started another game of Rail Baron, to play off and on throughout the two weeks we're here, and Tigger has a pretty firm lead, both in rail lines and in cash. He's managed to get a lock on the Southwest, so I don't think we'll be able to overtake him. We might have time for a second game before we leave, though. I'd like to find a new card game for the train, while we're here. We didn't pack any cardgames, oops. Wonder if there's a decent game shop in San Antonio...

Just hanging around...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Mom and Dad got me an early birthday present: a PalmOne Treo 650. Whee!!!

Critter and Flar couldn't get the kitchen computer online properly, but they did export my calendar and address book info, and email it here, so I've got all the info that was in my PDA, except for memos.

The new phone should come on Monday, and then Critter will help me figure out how to sync everything to it.


In other news, Critter upgraded his phone to one that supports bluetooth.

And we've also got bluetooth headsets on the way here, as after all, that's the point, right?

And no, I seriously did NOT intentionally lose my PDA.