May 13th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Brief respite

5 hours of sleep, followed by a short dash into Macy's on the way to a wonderful buffet lunch at school makes for sleepy Deb. I picked and cashed my paycheck on the way home, along with depositing other checks. I've got about a half hour before I need to leave to have time to pick up two more gifts, on the way to picking up Tigger at school. Then we pick up laundry on the way home.

So I'm spending the time reading and doing my nails. :)

Yesterday I slept until time for lunch with Spydie, which was quite yummy. Then I picked up my sewing machine. The good news was a very low repair cost. The bad news was a zero repair cost, because the pair is no longer available. I need to see what the machine can still do and advertise on local Ebay as-is. I bought a new drill for Flar, as both of his have given up the ghost, and while I was at Sears, I priced new sewing machines. The very helpful sales lady told me the "usual" sales prices for two models - one is comparable to what I had, the other is fancier and does initials.

When I gave the sewing machine pricing information to Flar, he asked me when I planned to sew something. Funny, I kept hearing him say "sell." I don't have any particular sewing plans until I make my cloak, so I've decided to put off doing anything until (a) I've actually started selling from the "ebay-it" pile in the front hall and have made enough to buy the fancy machine or (b) I've actually finished the border stitching for my cloak, and want to sew the thing together. And, it'd be nice to have cleaned up the crafts room by then. ;)

I picked up salmon after school yesterday, and Flar and Tigger turned it into tasty treats for the Alaska portion of the USA Buffet today. There was lots and lots of food.

I'm in Season 5 of SG-1 now, but plan to watch earlier episodes with my Sweetness this weekend, as she is further behind than I am. Wednesday night I used up all the work before 1am, but I made up for it last night, deciding to finish out what was in the queues and clocking after 2:30. An 18 hour work week isn't bad, considering I came in late two days and took a long dinner break the other.

The long dinner break was to give blood. Quest was having a blood drive, and I've discovered the beauty of the blood mobile. My vampire, Chris, got blood out of my arm in one quick prick. Go Chris! It doesn't hurt that he was as cute as Will Smith with that mischievous smile, and those eyelashes... I told him I was going to start following the bus. ;)

I've filled up the house for the PWP, which I should probably note on the chatter list, and make sure I've added people to the chatter who've RSVPed, for that matter. ;)

We have fish in the fountain now:

Creamsicle, a gold and white Comet Goldfish
White Dot, an albino Comet Goldfish
Bob the Blue Shubunkin
and another Shubunkin, blue and orange with black spots, as yet unnamed.

The waterfall and frog are flowing better than in years. The pump's a little bigger, and I have an official fiddly bit in the waterfall hose end that has evened the pressure quite nicely.

Ready for summer reading and napping.

Except for
  • choose and prepare travel crafts
  • create travel Rail Baron
  • ready the house for the PWP and restore it before skipping town

Can I be on the train already?
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