April 7th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Ready to roll

My bags are packed and I've caught up on LJ and email. I forgot to turn my phone on all of Tuesday, so I ended up talking to Flar three or four times yesterday. Yes, he missed me. Okay, technically he just had bunches of questions.

Yesterday we drove to Nixa MO to visit friends of Mom and Dad's. We met them for lunch at a restaurant famous for throwing hot yeast rolls to the table. The other side dishes are served strangely, too: Some are just dumped on paper towels at the table, others aren't served until you have a plate with your entree and two vegetables. Way too much food, for fairly reasonable prices. If I'd abstained from the rolls and fried okra, I'd have stayed on my diet. My leftover ribeye was enough to make two sandwiches for dinner.

Tuesday night we watched Gods and Generals, the first movie in a Civil War trilogy. This first movie could also have been entitled "General Jackson" since it really centered on old Stonewall. Last night we watched Shall We Dance?.

Today we played indoor miniature golf, since the sky looked ready to break open at any moment (but didn't), and ate lunch at Taco Bell. We managed to drink 36 DDPs since we got here, so Daddy went out for a new 12-pack for the road. We're leaving in time to get Mom and Dad to the airport by 11am in St. Louis, so I'm waking up at 4am. That should give me time for a shower while Critter is busy packing the car.

Tigger has requested that we skip out on any St. Louis activities, and Brad never returned my call, so we're likely to leave town by noon. I'll be calling Hippychicx when we leave town to give her an ETA.

I've done all the prep possible for the banquet, finished watching Voyager, clipped and sorted coupons, and done half this week's bible study. I've gotten lots of napping, and Tigger is leaving his fantasy story dangerously late in the week. We've gotten plenty of rest, and I'm looking forward to getting home.