April 3rd, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Posting from vacation

We arrived safely in Branson last night.

We've got space that is perfect for us. A full kitchen and dining room, with laundry facilities in the kitchen. Critter is sleeping on the sofa in the living room, which he actually *likes* making disappear in the morning. ;) Tigger and I are sharing a room that has a queen-sized bed and another sleeper sofa, and a half-kitchen. He likes nesting on the sofa, so it's great that he has the sofa that no one will be using. We're sharing space because I don't mind going to sleep with [adult swim]. Mom and Dad have the room with a king-sized bed and a jacuzzi tub in the bath.

The only thing lacking in these time-shares is that they consistently lack hi-speed access. But, it's only .25 a phone call, and this is why we maintain our Earthlink account -- extensive network of local dial-up numbers.

The drive went well. We actually got out of the house by 7:51am. We spent exactly the hour planned on the stop in Jeffersonville for breakfast with Hippychicx. We needed only one other rest stop on the way to STL. We got there on the tank of gas that we put in the night before, and our first stop after the airport was for gas.

Critter and Tigger managed to pack all sorts of stuff in the car and still leave plenty of room for Mom and Dad's luggage. Tigger brought his Game Cube and his Play Station 2, and it was Critter's idea to bring a TV for playing during the drive. Which means that just as I was turning on Nicholasville Road, setting out, I was treated to the honking horn of Crazy Taxi. hee hee.

Critter rode shotgun, and was entertaining company for the drive. We counted the Cards fans until we hit the rest stop and realized that would mess with our numbers. Before we stopped, we counted 14 cars and 1 bus. The game traffic didn't really provide any congestion until we entered the St. Louis area. Since we were heading to the airport, we got to circle town and avoid any delays.

Dad drove after we picked them up at STL. We stopped for dinner at a Ryan's in Springfield, MO. Tigger couldn't play games after the extra luggage was added, but he was good natured out it, and working on his fantasy story for school. We planned what to do about it being too long: I'll type the initial, unabridge story for him, and help him edit it and tighten it up to the recommeded length before he has to type it at school. He was excited about having an "unabridged" version. :)

While Dad was checking us in at the timeshare, Mom and I had a short discussion about his increasingly shorter fuse and generally crankiness. We determined that it doesn't hurt her, and only bothers her when it affects others, so the boys and I have agreed to be sensitive to Grandaddy's increased sensitivity.

We wore out Tigger by putting him on baggage duty. Critter emptied the van, Tigger relayed stuff upstairs, and Mom and Dad and I unpacked upstairs. There is a an elevator, but Tigger used the stairs for every trip. ;)

I slept in until 11am this morning. I've kept the old time on my watch, and automatically switched from EST to CDT overnight. ;)

Mom and Dad are at a sales presentation this morning, to get the details about this resort, a sales pitch, and free tickets to a show that we're seeing at 3pm today. Critter walked to the Conocco for DDP and pop tarts, and is now watching Weird Al commentary.

Now to catch up on my reading....
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Nudie show and Steak

We left early for the afternoon show, which gave us time to hit the Tanger outlet mall first. Mom and Dad bought a pair of khakis for Critter at Old Navy while I took Tigger to Wilson Leather to buy a wallet. He found a nifty small one with a zippered inside pocket for only $5.

The show was a partnership between a magician and a ventriloquist. The magician had doves and macaws. He did a few levitation acts, dismembering acts, and quite a lot of misdirection and replacement schticks. Most impressive to me was the up-close sleight of hand demonstration with brass cups and mini baseballs (that grew at the end).

The nudie bit came in when the ventriloquist talked to his hand... "Aren't you supposed to be wearing a puppet?" "I'm nude." He had some very clever bits, and a wonderful singing voice.

The stagehands were also dancers, and we were treated to "All that Jazz" "Mr. Celophane" "Razzle-Dazzle" and the accompanying tap routine from Chicago. The ventriloquist sang a song from Les Mis, which I've yet to see, so I can't give the title.

After the show, we dropped by a VF outlet mall, and picked up decorating supplies for the bowling party, from the Paper Factory. Then we headed to Shogun for dinner. They serve the yummy veggies (carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, onions and zucchini), and don't bother with the cabbage or the bean sprouts. Our chef had fun playing with the boys.

Back at the room, I've found the nearest oil change place to get my car serviced tomorrow (they also recharge the AC there), and now I'm going to look up the IMAX schedule, and catch up on reading LJ.

I got to almost talk to Hippychicx while I was shopping, but we had a poor connection. And then, when she tried to call on her meal break, we were in the show. Ah well. She was able to take a couple of minutes later to call and wish me g'night. I need to point out to her that I'm an hour earlier here, and that she might try calling after work anyway. Oops.

When I get offline, I'm going to try calling Matt and then Knight and Ro.

Vacation is always fun. :)