March 3rd, 2005

Winter, Renata Snowflake

second snowday

I think they gave Jessamine county a snow day today, just because they've got three built into the schedule and it's so late in the season. I suppose the back roads could have been slick, but really.

Today, the shadow of the house was white. It was the only part of the yard with any snow remaining. Kind of pretty.

I think Critter is right. I was in a foul mood today. I really fought with myself over getting out of bed in time for Bible Study, and for the second week in a row, I got there too late for the opening hymns and prayer time. Flying out of bed on short notice is never likely to put me in a good mood, but missing singing surely didn't help.

Then, when I took Critter to get his State ID that he's been asking about for weeks, we found out that the ID office in Jessamine has installed a metal detector and accompanying search protocols.

They are apparently more interested in cameras and recording devices than weapons, however. They didn't question what is in my atomizer (hydrogen peroxide), or even find my two knives and lighter. Or, maybe they don't have the "anything pointy" level of restriction in place. But boy howdy was the deputy suspicious of my MP3 player. I realized later, I should have said: "it's like an I-Pod, but ugly, and smaller capacity." And then, even against the evidence that I came in chatting away on my phone, he tried to tell me that my PDA is also a phone. Sigh. Uh, no, not this kind.

I prefer the quiet efficiency of TSA, thank you very much.

I think what really bothered me was when he suggested that I not bring my purse next time I visit. Hello? How about men who have to remove their belts for TSA not bother to belt their pants? Or, maybe we could all stop wearing shoes? Men really shouldn't question women on carrying purses. Period. Much less opine that they have too much in them.

My purse was technically on the light side -- I had neither snack, drink or book in it!

Then we conducted our business, within 5 feet of the metal detectors. Sigh. I should have just asked him to hold my purse there, and pulled my checkbook out of it.

I'm still quite irritated that they required Critter to show them his social security card. Since when is that a higher proof of identification than a US Passport?

Yeah, I guess I was just darn cranky. But it didn't help that the clerk wouldn't even make eye contact with either of us until I actually literally demanded it.


Other than that, paid some bills, made some cookies, folded some laundry, directed Critter through cooking Hamburger Stroganoff (with whole wheat fettucini). Delivered some cookies. Worked 4:50.

My legs are still deciding between rubbery and frozen solid.

I tried practicing the footwork, but the easiest stance is en garde, and I just didn't have the strength for the partial knee bends.

I found my $10 gc for Shoe Carnival, so I'm going to look for some nice light-weight shoes that are good for bouncing around on. Maybe then I can attempt some of the warm-up exercises that we did at the beginning of class, and unfreeze my legs...
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