February 25th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

under the weather

I'm told it did snow. It just didn't stick. Whatever. Somehow appropriately for me then, the weather for me to be under is bright and beautiful today.

I've got a cold. I was planning to get up at 10 today, and did get up at 9 and 11, but each time I was still too shaky to *be* up. I finally got up at noon and fixed myself some leftover chili-mac. I settled into my chair and Tigger kept me company. First, we finished the Kroger and Sam's lists. I'm waiting for Critter to get home, so I can enlist both of their assistance in the actual shopping runs. Then Tigger played a game of chess with me, which I accidentally won. Rook on the back rank, no escape route for the castled king.

Knight called me this morning while I was still in bed. All is well in Brazil, where Gauchete is working away. Her client list has filled out again. I was too sleepy to retain a whole lot out of the conversation.

My cold is manifesting itself as a running, stuffy nose and general sinus congestion. I'm currently taking Ibuprofin 800mg at a time as per doctor's orders this time of the month, so there's not a whole lot more I can do for the cold (except take blood-pressure-increasing meds, which is a no-no for me).

Gonna see how much assistance a long, hot shower will be.

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