February 23rd, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

waiting is... unnecessary

While waiting for my sweetness, I shall write of my day. Or, rather, while I chat with her. :)

Working backwards...

I just got home from Knight and Ro's. Knight is flying to Brazil tomorrow, with Playah, so I was spending time with him. We watched two more episodes of Desperate Housewives. That show is so addictive.

While Knight packed, I read LJ, after checking out the "rough draft" of a web site for the Sayre Chess Club. I emailed the mom who wrote it that is was great -- the only thing rough about it, is that a few of the sub-pages aren't finished yet. But what is there looks good to me.

Before I left to go over to Knight's, I washed Playah's clothes for him, gave Tigger another largish basket-ful to fold and put away, and peeled the shrimp for dinner. I talked Critter into prepping the rest of it, so I could put my foot up for a bit. I swear. Tendonitis is contagious.

Critter pulled his own clean clothes out of the sorted piles of kids/not-kids on the jacuzzi before I got home. ;)

Flar fixed Pepper Shrimp in Peanut Sauce which we usually call Bowtie Shrimp, or sometimes Peanut Butter Bowtie Shrimp. I'm thinking the jumbo size shrimp were a mistake -- the ratio of sauce to shrimp was off. To me, that is. No one else complained.

This afternoon, I slept through bits of Tigger's Chess session. The state tournament is in Louisville this coming weekend, so the team got together even though there isn't school. The coach sent a chess book home for Tigger to read before Saturday.

Tigger is out of school this week, so he slept in and played video games while I was out bowling and having lunch with Knight (and watching more Desperate Housewives.

Last night I ended up working 7.5 hours, which means I'm nap-girl again this week. Tomorrow I hope to catch a nap before I drive Playah and Knight to the airport. I can't sleep in, because of BSF. But, other than BSF and the airport run, I have no specific commitments before work. :)

It doesn't help that I'm wide awake... But I should really try to sleep, soon.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Timing is everything

Just in time for Knight to leave town, work is slacking off, and I don't have to go in tonight.

Just in time for Playah to go home, there is a winter advisory in effect tonight, with a chance of accumulation.

If Critter's luck holds solid, the precipitation will hold off until tomorrow night, and we get yet another snow day. On a Saturday.

Edit Or, Critter could finally get a snowday tomorrow and this would fall under
Just in time for Playah to go home, Critter gets a day off from school to spend with him.

Meanwhile, I shall use my night off of work to work on general housecleaning. After catching up on LJ, of course.
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