February 21st, 2005


And this is why I use i-Cal

I thought my mammogram was scheduled for 1pm, and that I was free to sleep the morning away. Last night, while I was chatting with Hippychicx, I double-checked, only to find out that it was scheduled for 10:30am. I managed to get there only 15 minutes late, which is amazing, considering that (a) I didn't set an alarm (b) I managed to reset my internal clock firmly to second shift over the weekend and (c) I rolled out of bed at 10:04 am.

This appointment as a follow-up to my "extra magnifications" appointment in August, which was scheduled because of some calcifications they found in my regular appointment in July.

The calcifications look almost like I've got teeny tiny bee-bees in my right breast. They completely block the snazzy black x-ray background color, just like my barbells do. Oh yeah, I forgot that in August, they told me I didn't need to remove my piercing jewelry for the magnifications. Ah well, twas a breeze replacing it this time, and I changed into my nifty new rainbow beads.

I can't remember why deodorant/antiperspirant is taboo for mammograms, but I noticed that the dressing rooms had two brands for women who don't want to face the rest of their day without. But you still have to ask for KY jelly. I remembered my own lube this morning. ;)

Edit: Oops, I completely forgot to include the good news that the suspicious calcifications are exactly the same as they were in August, so they remain merely something extra to look at, but nothing to worry about.

Okay. Now for an extremely late breakfast, while the repairman fixes the heat (I am so sorry about the cold this weekend, Hippychicx). Then more laundry and maybe some quicken.

Tigger's home from school this week, which leaves my afternoons a bit less cluttered with errands.
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Well, I didn't know this

Snopes' feed today has a history of the holiday that is celebrated today.

Whew. I don't have to find a dish specifically linked to Lincoln, to fix with the cherry pie. :) If I didn't still have bunches to do around the house, I'd replace the tophat with a tri-corner...

And, now I've got a reference with dates to establish what my Daddy has always said about being born on Washington's birthday.

Happy Washington's Birthday [observed] !!
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Not quite a holiday

It's been a relatively lazy day.
  • I got my follow-up mammogram magnifications with optimistic results.
  • I picked up a bag of kibble and a case of gooshie food for the dogs. Critter says they're wondering what they did right, to deserve gooshie food two meals in a row. Simply, I hadn't gotten more kibble yet. While I was there, I bought a new squeaky toy for Flood.
  • I got my allergy shot. I forgot to do this last week. I'm trying to get on an "every Monday" schedule.
  • I got the heat fixed. The technician came out twice - first to diagnose the problem, then to replace the fan motor that was broken.
  • I got more laundry folded, and more run through the machines.
  • I got Tigger to clean his computer desk, and sort through some clean laundry.
  • I got Critter to fold and put away some of his clean laundry, recouping some empty baskets for the masses left to process.
  • I sorted through the weekend's papers that I'd ignored while Hippychicx was here, for reading material at work this week, and read today's paper.
  • I organized my side of the kitchen table.
  • I figured out tonight's and tomorrow night's dinners, and gave Flar his choice of which to fix.

I've still got pastry to roll out, to make a cherry pie to go with tonight's dinner, and then I'm off to work.
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