February 11th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

obscured to protect noone

Get out of my dreams!!!!

I can't believe the weirdness of it. Believing in the dream that there can be touching and tenderness and ear-whisperings all along with being sanely apart and over and moved on. Walking past a bay window that doesn't exist, seeing the smile I remember from one particular sidewalk view, splaying fingers on the glass, then scrambling out of the window that doesn't exist but wouldn't open if it did? The hug was comfort, but I know there'd be energy overwhelming in the extreme should it happen. Ear whisperings of letters to come that never will.

When two become one, there is no separation in life.
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Anime-me meme

City Meme

Courtesy Roina_arwen:

Think about what cities or towns you've lived in (not just visited) in your life, and post them in your journal:

Key West FL
Bethesda MD
Cheltenham MD
Rockville MD
Monterrey CA
Sagemont TX
Keflavik, Iceland
Foster City CA
Port Bolivar TX
Sugar Land TX
Houston TX
Lexington KY
Nicholasville KY

I'm not sure I got the suburbs of DC correct, but there were three. This is in approximate chronological order, with more vagueness about DC, and eliding some moving around within close areas.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Lazy Friday

After two weeks of getting up early enough to drive Tigger to school, now that Flar is back home, I slept in this morning. Read that as, I slept until noon. Happy'kin.

Chicken salad sandwich for lunch, made using leftover Popeye's. Since when are wings and breasts dark meat? Salad is a reasonable save for white meat, though.

Flar's working late tonight, so we're eating dinner out. J chose genre: hamburgers. Tigger, who doesn't like hamburgers, picked a restaurant that has them: Chili's. Critter is happy to hear there will be food!

After lunch, I made out a list of errands for after school. And then ran into construction.

Post Office - dropped off some cards, but Roadblock: I forgot the Roomba part, so I couldn't mail it today. Detour: I'll be driving by a post office on the way home from bowling tomorrow.

Michael's - Road Closed: removed from list, declaring a tiered priority on craft projects (Valentine's outranks boxes and wastebaskets), and finding that all the Valentine supplies can be found at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart - Roadblock: They don't make stickers in-house. Detour: Re-thought design around non-stickers, which are no doubt more versatile. Go go removable mono-adhesive. Bigger roadblock: The photo machines read plenty of film-card formats, but they don't have a USB input. My pictures are on my Cruzer. Detour: They're open until 9pm tonight; copy pictures to a flash card at home; swing by Wal-Mart after Chili's this evening.

Home now. Caught up on LJ. Moving Laundry through its paces. Twill be my pseudo-productive act while playing with Valentine's crafts tonight.

And HELLO. Take a look at the calendar. Not sending physical valentines out of town this year, am I? Ah well, there's time for creative digital play before the end of Monday. :)

My dad's birthday is tonight. Already mailed cards, which Mom talked him into opening yesterday. I'll also call him tonight.

Flar's birthday is tomorrow. His present was Carnival in Rio this year. I've got cards, and plan a nice dinner tomorrow night, after we get home from the housewarming.

Gonna be in Louisville tomorrow. Might get to see Hippychicx. Hope to see some of Thomp.

House is so-so, but slow progress is once again being made. Right now I'm concentrating on keeping up with the kitchen and laundry, and encouraging Tigger with the progress that he's making in his room.
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