February 8th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Mixed Day

I'm still awake. With only a two hour nap. This is not good. I'm waiting for Classic to finishing starting, so I can try again.

This morning I dropped by the doctor to get my first allergy shot. While I was there, I got weighed in and had my blood pressure taken. I've officially lost 13 pounds since 8/3, and my blood pressure was 102/77. Since I only ever think to measure it in the evening, when I'm due for another pill, I haven't been seeing these pretty numbers.

My doctor says he'd like for me to lose 1/2 pound a week. If I count from my weight at the beginning of the year, I'm right on track. But, if I count from last August, I've got some catching up to do. The latter seems more accurate to me, especially taking into account Brazil, Christmas, Florida and that pan of brownies I made last week.

I shall not eat any of the muffins.

In the morning, I also made deposits at the bank, and picked up a package at the post office. My shirts are beautiful, but my workout bag is not as designed. I'm not sure what the two leather bags are for, and there are six more jackets for Illusions. Flar did not ask me to deliver them. Yay!

Knight got here minutes after I arrived back home, and kept me company while I ate breakfast and cleaned the Lincoln Room (vacuuming and dusting -- I still need to clean the candle holders, refill them, and return them). After he left, I cleaned both the bathrooms upstairs. It'd had definitely been too long -- Critter fell all over me, thanking me, this afternoon.

I didn't get to the club, as it took too long to clean the bathrooms, plus I wasn't motivated by a pretty new workout bag.

I talked to Flar in the car on the way to Sayre, and used up the rest of the minutes on one phone card. I need to check its number against what's saved into Flar's cell phone, to see if I should chuck it or recharge it. I've been running around with two phone cards for some time now, which seems redundant.

Tigger helped me with the Sam's shopping, which I appreciate, since it means not having to lift the flats of water. We got juice for Chess Club tomorrow, and then instead of baking muffins when I got home, I napped.

Leftover enchiladas for dinner tonight at work, and I managed over 4 hours, even though Zee thought there wasn't much in the queues. She indexed and double-keyed the longest queue, but I got to read the paper while it took an hour and a half to image process. But, that was after I dealt with three other queues on my own.

After Zee left, the owner came into the office tonight, showing the place to some people. Not sure what their deal was. Anyway, he seemed pleased to have an example worker typing madly away, and was even tickled when I started image processing, since he got to show them what that looked like. It's nice to know my boss is happy to pay me to sit around reading the paper and cutting coupons. ;)

I got home early enough that making muffins was still a sane endeavor. Three dozen. Then I went to print the labels, and no dice. I created the labels in Canvas, which runs in Classic, which appears to have forgotten which printer to use. (There's only actually one attached, but I digress.) Chooser wouldn't stay up on the screen when I selected it, so I restarted Classic. No help. Then I restarted the whole kit and kaboodle.

And, what the hell? Classic still isn't up.

Gotta go kick the computer.

After all, the labels are the only way to tell which muffins are which inside the wrappers...
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