February 7th, 2005

Bills Bills Bills

Well, *that* was anticlimactic

I've been getting laundry done at a record rate, and even put together food when I didn't feel like cooking. I sorted the contents of the kitchen table, got extra sleep, caught up on LJ...

Yep, I've been avoiding looking at bills. See, Flar told me to keep up with the checkbook balance closely while he was gone, to avoid overdrafting the account. What with this and that and the other, I hadn't done it and then I started dreading it, cause of the whole "we'll be running tight this month." Sigh.

Anyway, turns out that (a) we're positive, (b) we'll stay that way until we pay the equity line pmt, (c) he's gotten a check in a week early, (d) if he calls the bank to transfer money to the personal account on Tuesday, I can pay the equity pmt without going negative.

And (e) we are completely current on any other bills.


My side of the table is remarkably clear now. :)
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