February 6th, 2005

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Advice from my mom

I'm putting it here so I can find it later, and because, well, somehow it seemed like something to include here.

Background - I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm thinking of starting a prayer notebook, something that Mom used to keep. So I sent her email about it, and this is what she wrote to me...
Well, you know that I don't write sentences. I just write thoughts and the parts of scripture that I like and parts that I can memorize. I write names with thoughts and then answers that I especially think God has done because I prayed. That builds my faith. You get the idea after doing it for awhile. Your journaling to your friends is similar, except you are talking to God instead. I read a book on prayer once that the author said he was always distracted by thoughts while he was praying and he tried to shut out everything. He decided those were the things he needed to be praying about. So you can start writing down the thoughts that distract you while praying. Of course going to sleep when you pray at night probably means that you need the sleep. Let me know how it goes.
Love ya,