February 5th, 2005

Scrubbing bubble, Cleaning

slow but steady progress

Tigger's room had gotten to the point that it disturbed Critter to go into it, and Tigger really wasn't keeping up with anything anymore.

So I've given up on the independent child thing for just a bit, and including his room in my house-cleaning load. Kind of. I've been working with Tigger on getting it clean.

A little background. His room is something on the order of 18 feet square, with a bunkbed/drawerset/shelves/desk combo piece, a computer desk, a dresser, and misc. other free-standing storage. When we started, the floor was still technically visible, because there's damn lot of it.

On the other hand, his closet was unusable on two counts: the doorknob has fallen off, and there was a mound of about 18 cubic feet of clothes blocking it closed. His dresser had been invaded by mice, so he'd stopped using it. He was still using his footlocker, but it turns out that it was at least half-full of clothes that he no longer wears, or that have gotten dirty from flying debris.

Ooh, doesn't that make a room sound messy. Flying debris. I think something plushy got disemboweled.

I've worked with him for three days so far.

We've cleared all the dirty clothes out of his room. Treble laundry duty for me for the nonce. I put contact paper in his dresser drawers after removing the particulate evidence of mice, in order to cover the stains that were left behind. In the process, I also put labels on the insides of the drawers, so he can keep things sorted.

His footlocker has only clean sweaters and blankets in it, now.

He can get to his closet, but the door knob still needs repair. We haven't flushed out clothes that ought not to be hanging in it anymore, however.

We spent the remainder of tonight's 30 minutes on picking up stuff off the floor, to either throw in the trash or toy buckets or remove to other parts of the house.

It only looks better if you've seen how it started out.

While I was upstairs, made the bed in the Lincoln Room and took down candle holders to clean and refill. Tomorrow I can take them up when I go up to vacuum. Then I'll be left with cleaning the upstairs bathrooms, and then back to ordinary downstairs cleaning.

Critter is going to clean his room and the playroom, since Tigger will be fully occupied with his own room. That was Critter's call, by the way.

Tonight, more laundry, and updating quicken.

Tomorrow, church, following by a sub lunch. Which will be interesting, since it will be my first BDSM-related, albeit purely social, function, since I was freed.

After church tomorrow, assuming I follow through on plans, Critter and I will be working on files.
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