January 25th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

The bills, the bills, the bills

Too pooped to do more creative damage to Mr. Poe.

I spent all day catching up on bills. I had it down to a simple system. Then Flar got involved with a grand scheme to pay off credit card debt. I'm in -- except it means him being creative about turning on and off auto pays, etc. Then, worse yet, I became dependent on him being more current with me on bills -- he was reminding me when something was coming due, if I hadn't had time to look at paperwork due to other bits.

Add on top of that Three Trips all in a Row (and now my sleep-deprived brain has images of gardens dancing), and

worst of all, Flar's offer to take care of bills while I was gone to Key West, rather than me cleaning up my act before I left.


I have figured it *all* out, including all the weird bits Flar's been up to, and I've created a new account for the new equity line, and I've created a separate account on CheckFree, as it was the fastest way to pay (on time, woot!) some bills coming due.

As I write this, the printer is chugging out a new report on the checkbook register (plus a handy screen print of the "Checks to Print" check selection window).

The earlier work I finished today leaves me free to consult with Flar tomorrow about an exact plan for paying the rest.

He made mention of a huge check to deposit tomorrow. Twould help.

I'm glad Knight's driving to bowling.

Wow, I'm even too tired to go off on a tangent and create a raccoon drowning in paperwork. Another day, maybe.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

quick update

bowling was there. I wasn't expecting much of myself, as I was in a mood last night that was more conductive to laying in bed quietly leaking saline, then sleeping. Eventually used to concept of energy to calm my breathing and sleep, somewhat endorphined, even. If I pulled anything from anyone unwilling, and it wasn't just a way of psyching myself into even breathing, my apologies, and thank you.

There. Spoken like a true, Christian, newage-cynic aesthete. And it does NOT help that my current short story protagonist is a succubus. Sigh.

Tigger is sick. Taking him to the doctor now; it's manifesting as a raging sore throat and cough. He stayed home and slept (with Matt in the house, incidentally), while I was bowling, and has had Chicken flavored Ramen for lunch.

Occupied myself meantime by depositing a large-enough-to-last-til-after-Carnivale check, printing checks, stuffing and stamping bills, and designing a bill paying icon. Not done with that yet. I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to map this stamp onto the ribbon after vectorizing the ribbon, but I may have to read up on some of the finer points of Canvas. Otherwise, I'm going with a stuck-on-the tongue stamp and dumping the ribbon.

Need more art. I didn't intend to get anything for Camel for his birthday, but something cried out to me. Which requires an additional step, this evening, which took me to Wal-Mart. I came home with a can of Polycrylic, a new paintbrush, 400 grit paper, a 66¢ remnant and an idea with that will have to wait until after Flar skips town, as I shall need the jacuzzi top for its execution.

I suppose I should heads up Sydb on the whole dropping off a present thingie.
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Health update

Tigger has acute bronchitis. The doctor prescribed hydrocodone/guaifenesin syrup, antiobiotic and stay home until at least Thursday. I also bought him a bottle of grape juice for vitamin C and a 2 liter of Diet Coke for the caffeine. I predict more sleep in his future.

Home now. Fed and through another short story, so ready for special birthday present doctoring.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Report Cards

I forgot to mention. The boys brought home their report cards last week.

Sayre School doesn't give letter grades in 4th grade, but Tigger has improved all across the board from the first term. His teacher even described him as an "avid reader." Beaming Mom.

East Jessamine doesn't give written reports, but the letter grades are enough to be happy about. Critter got straight A's; specifically 2 A- and 3 A+ grades. And they cleared up the incorrect grade in science for the first term, where the teacher had forgotten to record one of his assignment grades, bringing that to the correct A-.

Part one of the reward:

Baby Back Ribs from Chili's for Tigger, tonight. Southwestern Eggrolls for me and a Burger for Critter; Flar made himself fish.

Part two of the reward:

Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut for Critter, tomorrow night. Thin crust for the rest of us, most likely, since Flar and I are eating lightly enough to share a pizza with Tigger.

It's easy when the boys have favorite cheap restaurant food. :)
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Almost the last of the Christmas Goodies

Flar picked up the art that Mom and Dad paid to frame for us, for Christmas.

I hung mine in the kitchen, over the fireplace. You can take a look here. The first two show the picture as it fits on the brick. The third is cropped to just the art itself. I used two different flash settings; I'm not sure which turned out better as to true color.

Update: I added pictures of Matt's painting. In the camera monitor, it looked there was more glare than there apparently was. Yay for low light. ;)

The last of the Christmas Goodies will be when I open the Merlot that Matt bought me, and have that romantic dinner at home alone. Perhaps I'll fix something special for him for his birthday, before Valentine's. I picked out an appropriate card, today. ...
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