January 23rd, 2005

Renata reading book, Bookworm

Pajama day

Yesterday, I actually got out of bed in time to get Tigger to his chess tournament by 8:30am. Starting Thursday, I have to be out of bed in time to drive Tigger to school in the mornings, while Flar is in Brazil. And, last night when I got home from the tournament, I didn't even retreat to my recliner with a glass of wine - I helped Flar with some odds and ends while he fixed dinner, and then I fixed stovetop hot cocoa for the poly munch.

So I "deserve" a day spent in pajamas, where I managed to stay in bed past 3pm. :) Critter made me a cheeseburger for lunch and brought it to me.

And I finished another book.

I like keeping the whole list together, although once I get past 10, I'll start cutting them:

5 Ring of Fire, edited by Eric Flint
4 Dolly and the Starry Bird, by Dorothy Dunnett
3 Dolly and the Nanny Bird, by Dorothy Dunnett
2 The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel, by Jasper Fforde
1 Incubus Dreams: An Anita Blake Novel, by Laurel K. Hamilton

Now I've got to get to work on finances, so that Flar and I can go over them this evening. We need a plan for while he's in Brazil.
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