January 11th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Busy before beaching

One of the four evidences of Christian faith taught in the chapter of Acts that we studied last week was Contentment. So not there yet.

These little reviews are for me, in the event that I actually go back and read this thing.

It was Friday that I wrote of feeling Ish, then Saturday that I cried in the shower. Later that day, I wrapped a little cheer around myself by creating three new raccoon icons. Later than that I started a new stitching project, and even got all ambitious and creative about changing the pattern from the purchased design.

Things that yes, I did notice, feeling down or not... Ro calling me, with really not so much to say, but making it a point (that stuck out to me anyway) of telling me that she loves me. Knight calling, just to tell me that he loves me. Flar asking me to share a TV show with him, while he nursed his bad foot. Flar asking me to cuddle, when the pain in his leg went away enough to touch again. Flar knowing that something's wrong, but not making me talk about it since I don't seem to be ready, but well, just showing somehow that he does, in fact, care.

Critter pets me. We work at the computer together on whatever it is, me sitting, him standing, and he'll put my hair. Don't know if he just likes to play with it, but it's a return of the sort of petting I used to do when he was a baby. Just touching, stroking to give touch. He leans on me when we sit together, like at church. He and Tigger both still give me hugs. Tigger stops me often to stand still for hugs.

Knight came over this morning and held me.

So, moods are up and down, but it helps to stop and pay attention to all the good around me.

Camel is apparently not not-talking to me, he's just his usual slow self at responding when he doesn't have the complete answer. And gave me a faster-response email to use. Not that I expect to have frequent reasons to use it. Right now, I'm just at the point where there is little that needs communicating, and past the point of desperately wanting so many answers I'll probably never get, and not wanting to find myself writing just to get answers, that feels icky.

So, I'm leaving early Wednesday morning to go to the Keys with Knight and Ro. I've baked the muffins for chess club tomorrow, and I'm waiting for them to be cool enough to pack up to take. I've one last int'l Christmas Card to respond to, so that I can take them all to the Post Office tomorrow for special postage.

Tomorrow, I'm bowling, then going to POSH for a pedicure and to get my hair cut and styled. It's been ages since I had bangs; I've decided to get my hair shaped around my face more. What better time than right before a vacation, eh?

Then I'll scoot over to school for chess club. After that, Knight said he'd meet me at the house to help me pack. I don't want to impose on Flar to calm me for packing, since it's not his trip.

Other stuff I need to get done: finish putting away clean laundry, finish paying bills, last clean-up in kitchen and jacuzzi room. Ooh, and Veet my legs. Hmm. If I get up with the boys, I should have time to do that before I leave for bowling.
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Christmas isn't over until I spend all the Christmas loot

For Christmas, Bébé gave me a check to use at Posh during this year. Today, I got a pedicure and a haircut. I wanted more hair around my face, and decided to venture back into *gasp* bangs. I really liked the results, and got Knight to take a picture while it was still pretty much as the hairdresser made it.

Flar and I talked about it, and decided that the trays were going to be the most practical/satisfying way to help organize my jewelry, and I've decided that doesn't qualify for splurging on myself, so the money that Brody and Sis gave me will be shopping money in Florida. Woot!

All packed up, just going over carry on items, and last minute email check, and I'm outta here. Stop me before I making a raccoon peeking out of hand luggage! ;)
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