January 8th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Brody and Sis gave me $50 to spend on myself. Something that I wouldn't spend that much money on myself because of the usual mom reasons...

When I deep clean the bedroom, I want to organize my jewelry. I went looking around for jewelry boxes, and found an eclectic assortment:

Various places
Without pesky dividers, but rather plain-looking
Or, I could just plan on decorating it myself.
Or, I could store the jewelry with these, in drawers that I'll be clearing out
But these might provide better in-drawer organization

Or I might do something entirely different with the money.

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Diet, Renata on Scale

First Week back on South Beach

heh. I didn't really follow the letter of the diet, but I did follow the spirit of Week 1. I'm been keeping sugar candies and nuts on hand to help avoid real sweets, for instance. I've even had Salad, With Meat on It at least three times for lunch.

Anyway, by the numbers:

I weighed in for the first time after we got back from Texas on the 2nd (as I didn't wake up at home on the 1st, and I'd rather stick to the same scale for measurements).

200 pounds

Which means that I gained back half my original weight loss, by deciding to ignore my diet in Brazil and Texas.

I weighed in this morning at:

198 pounds

In order to attain my goal weight of 150 by the end of the year, I need to lose a pound a week, and not ignore the diet on any vacations.

So far, I'm ahead of the curve, but not dangerously so.

I shall treat myself with a bowl of sugar-free chocolate pudding and a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream. :)

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Scrubbing bubble, Cleaning

The other goal - cleaning the house

I haven't actually started cleaning in the master bathroom yet. That's to be the first room that I tackle. On the other hand, we'd been out of town and I've been playing catchup. So instead, this week, I got the kitchen bright and shiny, including the table, and caught up on all the laundry. Including delicates. The floors need mopping, but the kitchen and jacuzzi room actually look pretty darn good.

After I treat myself with pudding, I think I shall investigate where to begin in the bathroom....

unless I start a new book.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

I'm a posting fiend

A short emotional update.

I appear to have pulled myself out of feeling ish, for now, by making three new icons. Playing with graphics does indeed cheer me up.

I have not been sleeping "right". I've been staying up far later than is healthy, then sleeping in the next morning. Last night I dozed and read, in my chair in the family room. This morning in the shower I was crying again.

But now I feel pretty on keel. I've got the number for a therapist, and I was going to call on Thursday, then Friday, but each day, I slept all the available calm bits of the day away. I shall be calling on Monday, and in the meantime, see what I can do about putting myself back on some sort of sane sleeping schedule.

So, not particularly sanguine about my emotional state, but for the moment, feeling better.