December 16th, 2004

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Late night, as planned.

I only worked three hours before coming home to sleep.

The baptism service at church was awesome. Each dunkee gave their testimony, and a support person read scripture and gave encouragement, before the actual dunking. Nifty keen. I don't remember nearly so much talking when I was baptized (way back when I was 6).

I didn't sell anything I brought to church tonight for the God Project, but I received a number of compliments on them. I did buy a candle in a jar and oatmeal-raisin bars in a jar (the dry ingredients, layered artistically in a jar, for making cookies). When I dropped off Berry and Geste, she let me use their computer to list the items on ebay. Tomorrow, I'll add pictures to the listings, and any other suggestions I get to spiff them up.

While I was imaging processing at work tonight, I figured out how much extra yarn I have that can be return for refund at Wal-mart, Michael's and JoAnn's. Even if the sweater and ponchos don't sell at all, I've got a nice return for the church. :) Tonight, Critter suggested that I could continue making projects to sell on Ebay for offering money for the church. I kind of like that idea, although I intend to honor my promise to Flar to make January a house-cleaning month.

Today, I finished my Christmas shopping, with a final order placed by phone for my dad's present. I also shipped Gaucha's present, and bought a shipping envelope for Tigger's present for a friend. (I left the actual address at home. *pout*)

Then I made a yummy hamburger stroganoff before leaving for church. South Beach friendly -- I made it from ground sirloin, onion, beef boullion, not-enough-Worchestershire-dregs, mushrooms, whole wheat fettucini and reduced fat sour cream.


sleep in
return yarn at three stores
mail the package for Tigger (but I can use the self-serve now)
wrap packages

Next knitting project: Tigger's orange sweater - for which I learn intarsia on the machine.