December 12th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I love my husband

It's important to write about the good stuff, too. :)

Our house is a disaster area. But, we're not "doing" Christmas here, so nobody's stressed out about it. :)

Today, we spent the day at Bébé's house. The purported reason was to decorate his tree. We left that to the children, and sat around the table, instead. Flar, me, Brody, his wife, Sis, Bébé and his fiancée, Scarlett. We sat around talking, and noshing, while the kids played games, decorated the tree, then played more games.

We talked about where Bébé and Scarlett will live; looked at pictures that Brody and Sis brought, from the last four years; and just generally relaxed. I seamed the cardigan while we were talking. The bit that happens in between presents, when it's the gift exchange Christmas event. Which will happen New Year's weekend this year, and probably at Scarlett's house, since it's the cleanest. :)

After we got home, Critter tackled the dishes, Tigger found a school letter to verify when he needs to bring something in to school, and Flar did a bit of tidying in the kitchen. I went back to working on a shawl. Flar is napping, might go back up to his office if he wakes again, and is totally okay with me continuing to ignore the world around me in favor of knitting.

Bonus, he's okay with leaving the house early tomorrow to swing by Wal-Mart to pick up supplies for Tigger's gingerbread train project at school tomorrow. Funny, how I thought it was perfectly reasonable to expect me to go out late at night to get the supplies, but think it's out of the way for Flar to leave the house early in the morning. Yet, he's blasé about it.

Anyway, very unstressy Christmas.

Loves my loves.
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