December 9th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

On irresponsible sleeping habits

I stayed up past 3 this morning. Granted, I worked until 1am, but I generally try to wind down quickly once I get home, so that I can be awake with the boys in the morning.

Flar was awake around the same time - pain from his achilles tendonitis. What, mail doesn't like the way I spelled tendonitis? Grump. Weird holes in this spellchecker dictionary.

Anyway, I can't do anything for his pain, but I did rearrange the covers around him, and tell him that I'd drive Tigger to school this morning. He got two hours more sleep than he otherwise would, getting to sleep until 9am.

Me, on the other hand... Staying up til 3am guarantees trashing the morning hours to some extent. I think I've salvaged them better by staying up to read LJ, rather than crawling back into bed to sleep. I feel like I'm more awake and alert now that I would be if I were just now waking from a nap. Plus bonus, I'm caught up on reading. :)

I've got a day at home today.

Plan for the day:

Pickup Tigger
Hang out with Grace
Help with Holiday Luncheon setup at Sayre during dinner break

I should go to the bank at some point to cash my paycheck, but as it has all of one night's pay on it, I'm not so inspired. Good thing I pulled two week's allowance out of the last one. :)

It's Quest night at the Hamburg Place Chick-Fil-A, so I'm hoping to talk Grace into driving Tigger home via Hamburg, since she said she'd be okay with driving him home. If she does, I'll get her to send home a sandwich for Critter. I'm thinking of taking a pass on it for myself though, as I'd rather not drive out to Hamburg and back at rush hour; Grace could conceivably dawdle at Hamburg till traffic thins a bit.
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