November 27th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

more mellow today

Starting to feel more mellow already, although still a tad quiet/melancholy. Today we rode to the top of Sugar Loaf (not working on my Portuguese spelling today, sorry), then came home for lunch and found out that Ro's hang-gliding was cancelled on account of poor wind conditions.

The empregadas "don't do laundry" (the only thing we were hiring them for, sigh), so Ro and Gaucha took a bash at it. The machine sucks, though, so we concentrated on only what was most necessary. All my pants were either wet, damp or still dirty last night, so I went out for dinner in a skirt. I should be able to wear the leggings on the rest of the vacation, though.

My shorts are definitely too loose now, in the belly. Thus the "lose belly fat first" inset on the cover of the South Beach Book.

I got a minor sunburn last Sunday, which is finally starting to peel on my shoulders - just the bit right next to my neck. Coincidentally, Gaucha bought me a bar of glycerine soap that came packaged with a loufa-pad, so I can scrubby off the dead skin in the shower.

The pool here is shallow but convenient. We've propped the shade umbrella at one end, and can seat two in SPF infinity. I finished the book I was reading in between munching on feijoada sobras and cashews and doing the tango with Flar. He's gotten to his relaxed place. ;)

Sugar Loaf was beautiful. I found a t-shirt with very lovely parrot art, for far too much, since this was pure tourist trap territory gift shops.

We're thinking of going to see the Christo at dusk. Hmm. It's dusk. Perhaps I should see if anyone is awake.

(I napped during the first attempt at showing Hellboy, then Knight restarted it for me. He went off, dictionary in hand, to talk to Gauchete, and I opted for on-line over napping.

Hmm, where have all the nappers gone?