November 7th, 2004

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A nice, busy Sunday

A very nice day, I think.

I fixed buckwheat pancakes and sour dough french toast for breakfast. I ate mine with sugar-free syrup, keeping to at last Phase Three South Beach guideline.

I turned the menu plan into a grocery list this morning instead of last night. I had plenty of time, and better sleep this way.

Then I even had time to loll about on a paper-strewn bed with Flar, before it was time to go to church.

I bought the Burning Questions album at church this morning. There were two sermons that I missed; I'm looking forward to listening to all of them again, though.

Critter went home with Berry; we saw Coach in the social hall. I also picked up some donations forms for Max and Erma's (Hamburg). They will donate 20% of sales to the God Project, if you turn in this form when you eat there tomorrow (Monday 8 November). I wasn't keeping track very well, as I just found out about this today. But if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll get one of the forms to you before you go.

I ran errands on the way home from church: I picked up dog food, more yarn, and then did the grocery shopping. Flar and Tigger helped carry in the groceries, and Flar helped me put them all away. I have a plan of attack for the entire week, including notes about when I need to prepare things in advance.

I had a yummy garbage omelet for lunch, then it was time to leave for the movie. Flar drove straight there, while Tigger and I drove over to Grace's to pick up T. The Incredibles was absolutely great! I won't mind seeing it again when I take Critter. :)

After the movie, Knight and I took Tigger and T bowling. We pre-bowled our game against Spydie and LaDonna's team, that is scheduled for 11/23, the first Tuesday that we'll be in Brazil. The boys got to pace for free.

I bowled 174, 155 and 172 for a 501 series. Great, since my average is 144. Especially good, since Knight was bowling under his average. As a team, we bowled 1 point over, 3 points under, and 10 points over our average. I think we made decent competition for the first place team. :)

When we dropped off T, we talked to Grace about bowling. Her back has three pinched disks, and she doesn't expect to be fit to bowl until at least January. Since this pre-bowl was for the game scheduled for 11/23, we decided to talk to Dina on Tuesday and have her suspend Lisa from active status as of 30th. That follows the rules for two week notice and everything. Then we'll see after the beginning of the year, if Grace is healed enough to bowl again.

Tigger slept in the car on the way home, and I dropped Knight off, as Flar wanted me to come home instead of staying over there to watch Desperate Housewives. (Otherwise, he'd have been on drop-off duty as well as the pick-up duty that he had, getting Critter.)

Flar cooked the pre-marinated pork tenderloin that I bought, for dinner tonight. It was quite yummy, and is now entirely gone. We watched Sabrina Goes to Rome together before Critter went to bed, and now I'm planning on turning in rather than staying up late.

Tomorrow, I'm got some meal-prep to do in the morning after I fix breakfast, then I'm going to time how long it takes from leaving the house to the parking lot of Porter Memorial, with my swimming work-out in between. That will tell me when I have to leave the house on Wednesdays, to get a work-out before Bible study.

We're doing Phase One South Beach this week, so lots of protein, not so much with the carbs. But, I owe Critter another pan of brownies, and I'm planning to make up a batch with whole wheat flour and splenda, to see if I can make a passable batch of South Beach Brownies. It can't be worse than the kind with greenery in them way back in college days. ;)

Now to see if I can find sleep. Did mention that caffeine works, again?

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Share the Love Photo Meme
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