October 26th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

The rest of my weekend, and a little bit more.


Ouch. I overslept church for the first time since I've been attending services at Quest. I stayed up far too late visiting with Knight and Ro and making another scarf. I'll get the auction up tomorrow for it. And I hope to make Ro's scarf tomorrow night.

I got email from Coach. I'd actually sort of thought of him as not seeking me/us out socially, just ending up socializing when it was a school thing, and figured not to see him when we switched schools.

He's attending Quest, now. And I just didn't really expect that. Anyway, replied to his email. Will look for him at church, now. :)

The John Rosemond seminar "Parenting the Strong-Willed Child" was much more entertaining than I expected. He told many anecdotes about discipline, and even when he was just telling his opinions on the subject, he had a quite engaging manner.

Then we piled into the car to drive to Louisville, for dinner with mhaithaca and a couple of his friends who live in Louisville, with their daughters. He described the meal in better detail than I could hope, and even posted a picture. (I'm never that timely with pictures. ;)

After dinner, we dropped off Tigger's toy kitchen, the first set of Bob Books (the second two sets have disappeared), and an electronic teaching game/toy (that I haven't played in so long, all I can remember is that it's about geography). For Roo. At Camel and Sydb's.

I'm very glad this was a group activity, as I discovered that I'm still not up for actual socializing.

still kind of getting over being touched with a tentative half-fist (because finger tips are more sensual, right), between the shoulder blades (which is supposed to be the least sexual spot possible, right?)... Very brief, but quite adequate proof to me that it's way too soon for social contact of any form.


Seven years is not going to go away in a couple of months. duh.

It was quite comforting to ride home in back with Ro, holding my hand, cause she understood, and not having to talk, because Flar and Knight understood and talked and talked and talked.

Flar dropped us all at Knight's car, and went directly home. We went to Wal-Mart to look for a glue gun and yarn. I can't find my glue gun. Yes, craft organizing must bubble higher in the priority pudding. We couldn't find yarn in the right texture to go with what I'd already purchased for Ro's scarf, but I got ideas about what to look for today at Michael's.

Then we snuggled up together in bed to watch Desperate Housewives. My only show to watch this season, but what a wonderful pick.

And, I'm inspired. I seriously think that I can knit a cardigan out of Fleck Boucle, gel and straighten and curl the heck out of my hair, and be Bree for Halloween.

Houses aren't part of the costume, right? ;)

If I have time, I could knit up a matching purse.

And then sell the set for the God Project, because tweed is this year's black. ;)


I didn't have to work. I found out about day work while I was still at home, but I drove in to find out there was no work tonight.

This morning, I finished updating quicken and printed reports and checks. I also called Cingular for help with my phone that was once again refusing to put audio out onto my earbud. I described the problem, she asked a few questions and tapped on her keyboard, and

... told me I'm eligible for a phone upgrade, and the best deals are on the website. Paraphrased: it's out of warranty, so you can have a better, newer one.

I ordered a Nokia 6010, because I'm old and don't want to learn a new menu philosophy. No plan changes, no new Sim card needed. I'm hoping there will be information about making sure my Galleries are stored on my Sim card, so I won't lose my ring tones and graphics. It's coming the free shipping method, and there will be an $18 total one-time charge to the account for whatever nonsense word they choose.

Then spydielives treated me to lunch at Moe's. Yummy, south-beach friendly lunch. We sat and talked until it was time for me to rush off to car-line. With a drive-by mail-drop at the Postrider station. After Tigger was safely ensconced in the back-seat, we went to my ear doctor's office, to get a custom-fitted ear plug made. It took about 10 minutes in the office, and cost $12.50 for an earplug that my doctor trusts for me to use when swimming. I had a choice between bright pink, and yellow. I chose yellow, and got a nifty purple case for it. Now I can start swimming again, and maybe lose weight a bit faster.

Before we went home, we stopped at Michael's, where I selected two choices for contrasting stripes in Roina's scarf. 4 minutes in Michael's. A personal best.

This afternoon, Tigger worked on his sock puppet. That will be worth posting pictures, when it's done. :) He got everything but the feet and beak done, today.

When I found out I didn't have any work, I decided to play hooky, and went to Knight and Ro's, rather than home. We watched Connie and Carla and fielded many phone calls. Flar finalized our accommodations for Rio, and Knight put down the deposit via Paypal. I seamed and tasselled the scarf that I knit Saturday night, and will create its auction tomorrow night.

While I was away, Flar took the opportunity to have the boys help him tear apart my completely broken filing system. The goal is to create a working system, have Critter spend some of his copious free time (in the afternoons, having no homework) filing all the pockets and pockets of unfiled paperwork lurking about the kitchen, family room and freezer room, then I'll be able to keep up with again, for ongoing stuff.

Right now, they've completed step one. Empty the filing cabinet. ;)


Will be one of those where I'm out of the house from 8:30 to 6 or later:
  • Pick Up LaDonna
  • Bowl
  • Drop Off LaDonna
  • Work
  • Chess Club

I'm supposed to be fixing steak for dinner, which is easy. Then I'll collapse in a heap, possibly nap, then get my second wind and create an auction, and knit another scarf.

At least, that's the plan.
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