October 8th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

My day in 2 minutes

And then I'll go join Flar and Critter, watching the debate.

... which they started watching 23 minutes after the hour, so we'll be able to skip any commercials (assuming they caught it on a commercial channel). This week's big event was the acquisition of local channels and a TiVo for our Direct TV service. Whee!

Today, I slept in as long as possible, since I got home from work this morning at 4am. I went to a city council meeting last night to support the church I've been attending, and ended up staying far longer than I'd intended.

Then I drove to Eastland to pick up my and Tigger's bowling balls, drove to Versailles to pick up Tigger, who'd been at a sleepover, met five assorted (and all quite friendly) dogs, drove to Southland and bowled with Berry and the four boys that she'd acquired, and my two (having added the friend with whom Tigger spent the night).

Why can't I bowl 165 on Tuesday mornings, when it counts?

After an hour of bowling, we drove to Berry's house, where we played part of a game of Life, before the boys started getting restless. I shooed them all outside to play in the wonderful weather, then helped Berry get rid of a dead chipmonk in garage, and got to talk to Berry the rest of the time.

We drove Tigger's friend home to Versailles, up hill both ways through the Keeneland traffic, and got home to a delicious meal cooked by Flar.

I caught up with email and LJ while Flar and Critter went TV window shopping, and now we're watching the debate.

Tigger bowls in the morning. The rest of the weekend is slotted for cleaning. The garage and Tigger's room. So tonight we veg.

That took more than 2 minutes. Oh well.
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