September 28th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow


I"m off to the bank, then chess club, then Meijer.

The woot is for depositing bunches of money, and discussing what to do with this month's lump of extra money:

Pay off the Sears card (household repairs).
Pay down one evil card (Bank One), and two happy cards (USAA and Citi-Bank).

Bank One and Sears were tied for highest interest rate of our current debt. We just closed the Bank One account after failing to negotiate a lower rate (thus the evil moniker -- we have NO missed payments on this account in the amount of time they keep track; their decision is based on high balances on our other accounts, and ONE 30 late payment on another account.).

USAA is our absolute lowest interest rate card.

Citi-Bank is the most widely acceptable in Flar's experience; since he travels to Brazil, that's a pointy issue. He's going to try to get them to drop their interest rate, as well.

The happy cards will now have space for online transactions when paypal won't do, and for when Flar's traveling. Yay!
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