September 8th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Catching up slowly today.

Knight distracted me. :)

I've only gotten through the first few items of my CUC¹, but I made pretties today. Not happy with my first attempt at a durable CUC, but I've a couple of other ideas...

And, I replaced the stone in my poison ring in time for lip balm weather. Now to find my Bert's Bees.

I called Opman, and I don't have to work tonight. Which means that now I'm plotting dinner. Sayre had Chicken and Dumplings on the menu, but Tigger couldn't find where it was being served. He mashed up the new potatoes instead. On top of that, the Gardenside Café was serving Chicken and Dumplings today. So I'm jonesing for dumplings. I was going to get all fancy, trying to create a yummy whole grain recipe for dumplings, but then I remembered the Carbquick I bought. So I'm going to make my normal recipe, then cook dumplings made with Carbquick & olive oil (instead of shortening) and remove them and some of the chicken, then cook regular dumplings for the rest of the chicken.

[¹] Caught Up Checklist
Those household station-keeping tasks with which I am now caught up, and intend to address daily, as part of CUC time.
  1. Dishes
  2. Mail
  3. Paper
  4. Laundry
  5. Tables
  6. Quicken
  7. Filing²
  8. Coupons
  9. Fixtures³

[²] Okay, technically not caught up yet, but I think this will be my final list, if it can include filing.
[³] Right, this is "sinks and toilets", but "fixtures" looks prettier on a durable checklist.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Feeling subdued

Chemically, it may the progesterone kicking in. My appetite is way up, too.

Found myself thinking of Wolf while I swam today. The kind of spur you on to kick harder, puller harder kind of good there's exertion right here kind of thoughts. And, that was before I found out.

They're having another baby, and I guess it just hit me how different it will be this time, being an outsider. Being able to share in Roo's birth meant quite a lot to me, as it turns out. Leant rather hard on my promise to myself of the 19th today. I mean, I'm happy for them, but sad about how much has changed.

Would have preferred better results with the pretties, would have preferred getting more accomplished today, Audrey's around and screaming and that's not helping. Miss Flar horribly, almost the more because he called today, so contrary am I.

Disappointed by trivial things like the dumpling meltdown -- literally - the Carbquick stuff didn't hold together. No doubt from my attempt to stray from the recipe in two directions - replacing flour and replacing shortening with oil.

Opted out of staying over at Knight and Ro's tonight - had myself convinced I'd work if I came home. Instead I vegged in front of Bab5 with Critter, and worked on the belt. Pretty shiny.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day:
  • Drop off Tigger at school; find parking
  • Try to contact a client about a check
  • Attend parents club meeting
  • Attempt to pick up a check to deposit
  • Swim
  • Bank
  • Catch Up at home -- don't expect to have time for more than Catch Up
  • Car-Line
  • Get to work early
  • Attend "Back to School Night" on dinner break
  • Crawl into bed and melt.

Now, will I actually sleep as I tell myself to?
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