September 4th, 2004


Day Two begins

I got a good start on the ambitious agenda [AA] yesterday, I've gotten tons of sleep, and I'm ready for more work.

It was refreshing to wander through the jacuzzi room and for it to be CLEAN. :) Even though I saved the flooring mopping for later, I did vacuum, and it's a much happier place. I've started pushing (non-clorox) laundry through the machines, and my next project will be the kitchen.

Right after breakfast.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

oh, and another thing

What is the deal with all these spiders? I squashed yet another one, last night. I think that makes three in the kitchen, now. I'm counting the one in the bathtub in its very own category....
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Making progress

The jacuzzi is staying clean, while I continue to process laundry through it.

I've added the kitchen to my cleaned-up list, and have added the kitchen table to the list of currently caught-up item. Thanks to polydad for chatting with me on the phone while I cleaned the microwave, range and counters.

I just need to update quicken and clean all the sinks and toilets, to be back to caught up, or one day out, as it were.

This evening Critter & I tackle the family room.

Now it's time to take Tigger for an overnight, see if I can trade in a book at Jo-Beth, pick up two items at BB&B, and a few groceries at Kroger.
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