September 3rd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

To bed a bit early after a long day.

Well, considering that soonish, I may be working til 1am on a consistent basis.

I think I got enough sleep.

First, I woke up at 4:30 with Flar, to get him to the airport. He spent the day in Atlanta in meetings, and now he is on a plane to Brazil.

I got home with enough time to nap for 30 minutes before it would be time to get up and fix breakfast, etc. Instead, I overslept by almost an hour. I sprang out of bed in a panic, almost couldn't find my glasses, and got Critter and Tigger out the door, almost on time. Of course they both chose this morning to oversleep their own alarms. Critter had to stand in line for lunch today -- a long line, as pizza was on the cheap menu, and I managed to get Tigger to school before the 8:15 tardy time. But not by 8:00, the "normal" arrival time.

I stopped at the bank before going home, to deposit a check from Flar, cash my paycheck, and make a loan payment. Then I went home and crashed. It was after noon before I finally crawled out of bed.

By the end of my day, I've printed and mailed checks to pay bills, printed and mailed invitations to the sleep-over, as well as printing more to hand out at school, and worked 4.5 hours.

My strange sleep schedule today meant that I forgot to eat until I was at work. I had meat loaf with beer cheese spread on it (yum!), lots and lots of asparagus, and hummus-filled celery for a snack. I ate half the cashews that I brought, and didn't need the mozzarella sticks. I've eaten the last of my sugar free caramel drops, though.

Details is conservatively optimistic about her chances at the job for which she interviewed today. She doesn't expect to disappear without warning however.

My ear is not hurting as much, but is still, I guess the best word for it is stuffy. The drops appear to be bubbling out accumulated crud, so I'm continuing to take them. For at least as long as I'm on the Cipro.

I was going to hang out with Grace tomorrow, but she's spending the day with her husband. So I guess I'll have to start in on the massive cleaning effort a day early.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Intimate Strangers

I just read the Herald Leader review of Intimate Strangers, and I'm interested in seeing it. It's playing at the Kentucky, with lots of times. Anyone local interested in going sometime this weekend?
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Ambitious Agenda

Last weekend, Berry came over with the kids, and the house was still a disaster area. Good reasons and bad excuses; no matter the cause, I haven't gotten the house "together" again.

So I promised Flar that when he gets back from Brazil (Tue 14 Sep), the house will be CLEAN.

I made a list for the weekend, some of which will stretch into the next week:
  1. Catch Up
    • Mail
    • Dishes
    • Paper
    • Laundry
    • Coupons
    • Tables
    • Quicken
    • Sinks/Toilets
  2. Clean House
    • Jacuzzi Room
    • Laundry Room
    • Kitchen/Pantry
    • Family Room
    • Dining Room
    • Library
    • Halls
    • Playroom
    • Bathrooms
    • Lincoln Room
    • Matt's Office
    • Bedrooms
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
  3. 3pm Sat take Tigger to T's house for a sleepover
  4. 11am Sun church service

Today, I managed to catch up on Mail, Dishes, Paper and Laundry; I also got the jacuzzi room clean, including vacuuming, but not mopping. I'll be running extra loads of laundry throughout the week to clear out the backlog of bedding, work towels, rugs and delicates. I can't do any more cleaning until I make a short grocery run in the morning, as I've run out of Simple Green and Clorox.

Besides that, I also fixed tuna salad with cherry tomatoes and cantaloupe for lunch, and spaghetti (squash for me) and meat balls for dinner. I used the rest of the extremely yummy marinara that Flar made up a while back, and stretched it with our regular Ragu. The spaghetti squash is more like angel hair pasta than regular spaghetti noodles, but it made a satisfying enough base for sauce and meatballs and cheese. I'm still full.

Now I'm going to go melt into the couch and veg in front of the TV with Critter. I'll have AIM running on my laptop, if anyone wants a chat.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Shameless self-promotion

I just upgraded the kitchen computer. I'm having fun with Panther, enjoying the increased memory, etc. etc. I really meant it when I told Flar I probably wouldn't want a new computer in the kitchen for another three to four years.

So why does the new G5 iMac ad have My Birthday plastered all over it as a deadline?

I'm just sayin' it's not on my birthday list. If anyone wants to throw away a couple thou' on me, I'd rather have an X-compatible powerbook. It doesn't need to be the latest. I'd just like it to be able to run panther.... ;)

Seriously, if you are actually considering buying me a present, and have no clue, please talk to knightaudit. He and Flar are coordinating a group gift of what I want this year. And it's not a new computer.