August 31st, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Ear hurts.

Technically, I should be calling the ear doctor, but I'm giving the drugsies another day to work.

Bowling this morning. Knight's leaving town and wanted me to spend the day with him. *Pout* it has to be over here, because I still have laundry and quicken to catch up on, before Flar leaves town, dinner to make tonight.

When I'm home alone, I *really* need to concentrating on pulling this place back together.

Thought I lost my Cipro. It had burrowed into the bottom of my purse -- the place where I was convinced I'd find it, so not the bestest hidey-hole.

Trying a new recipe for meat loaf tonight, from the South Beach book.

Wrote about Merry yesterday. Next entry of that sort while be about Daisy, but I'm not sure when.
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