August 26th, 2004

Anime-me meme

Stolen Interview

These were questions asked of cougarpants by darkwolf69 in an interview, but I liked them, so I've scooped them up for myself.

1) How many states have you lived in? (Thinking outside the box is
  acceptable here.)

One: Ecstacy

The rest is merely existence.

2) Name a skill that few people are aware that you're proficient in.

I think whistling through my left ear is more of an ability than a skill.


housework and organization - I'm actually quite good at this, but my house doesn't show it, because I give it such low priority.

3) What's your biggest hope for the future?

To be free of certain shackles.

4) Do you regret? If so, what's one of your biggest regrets. If not, why?


Not doing something about my mood swings sooner.

5) What's in a name?

A key to a grouping of attitudes, thoughts, emotions and appearances that roll together into one coherent being.

I only found Audrey's name scant days ago.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

just stuff

Not sure where this is going.

Writing, then taking an hour nap before starting my day: swim, pick up a few more groceries, drop off cleaning, pick up Knight, home: laundry, quicken, cooking.

Leave for car-line by 2pm.


Flar's going to be out til after I leave. This weekend, we catch up on time with each other.

Work last night was mostly indexing, filled in with prep. I could have indexed a job that's ordinarily Details', but she'll be in tonight, hates prep, and needs the hours. I'm appreciating full hours, but still adjusting to the sleep schedule. Need to be more efficient until I'm caught up again.

Been keeping art in my life. Natural art, via APOD, for my desktop and screensaver. Beading - a keychain to replace one that I carried for quite some time; a necklace for my reading glasses. The belt for Critter. Kitchen art - cooking from fresh aids dieting. More music lately.

Writing about names.... maybe tomorrow morning.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Note to Self

Big Clock alarm on Edge is not loud enough to wake me from deep REM.

The phone is.

My Flar has exquisite timing. Cannot believe that dream was headed in a good direction.

First time I can ever remember a dream lover being an implied minor. Oops.

Well, since High School., And no, that wasn't what was dangerous about the dream. I suppose it's healthy that Wolf is now entering my dreams in the role of past lover tying up loose ends, rather than present lover. Only there was that uncertainty about whether entering my empty bedroom to retrieve my shoes would end up diverting our intentions...

Hey, maybe by the time I hit 50 I'll have written a reasonable user manual for me.

(1) Must read
(2) Must believe in symbols
(3) Must understand always
(4) all the other stuff I haven't figured out yet. ;)

I mentioned to my allergist's nurse yesterday, the pros and cons of school starting: empty house versus getting up early. She had little sympathy for me, since she works year-round. Until I pointed out that I work until 1am. Hee hee, I now have justification to be a Sleepy Head. I think I'm going to revise my schedule to include a two hour nap in the non-bowling mornings, and just live with that.

Now to the club and the grocery and Knight's house. Onward!
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