August 23rd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Been Quiet Here

I would say belmikey has been keeping me well occupied. And, he's been doing quite well at that. I've also had my share of house-generated busy-ness.

Belmikey and Critter upgraded the kitchen computer. Now it's got five times the disk space, five times the memory, and it's running OS X. Yay! I've got a modern computer again. :)

Ro and Knight were over for dinner last night. Ro helped me fix dinner, while Knight and Belmikey kept us company, chatting in the kitchen, and Flar smoked a cigar up on the patio. There were enough leftovers for my dinner tonight, and at least one lunch this week.

We haven't watched as much TV this year. I did get to watch the first episode of Firefly that he brought. We met Spydielives at the theatre to watch De Lovely; it was an absolutely wonderful, sappy, romantic movie. With a touch surreal framing story.

Tigger had a sleepover Saturday night, and now his friend T is over, until Tuesday morning. When I talked to Grace, she okayed the name Sleepy Heads for bowling, and seems receptive to the idea of getting matching PJ bottoms. I talked to Berry on Sunday, after failing to get up for church that morning -- we woke around 5am and went back to sleep at 7:15. I'm going to help her strategize about TLS chess, and we're planning another gaming day this Saturday.

I swam by myself on Friday, and the plan is to swim again this morning, with Belmikey along. We'll see if we can drag ourselves out. ;) I swam 2 miles last week. Now the challenge is to keep going back.

Belmikey's going home this afternoon. I have work this evening. With prep, I can work full hours.

Right now, I'm waiting to make sure Critter catches the bus, then I'm gong back upstairs to crawl back into bed.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow


Okay, one more post before I crawl back into bed.

My weight has moved firmly below the 200 mark; in fact this morning, I appear to weigh 198. Yay!

This is first-thing-in-the-morning weight, naked, on my home scale. Valid for delta wieght monitoring. I think there's a five pound difference between our scale and the balance scale at the gym. Which means I officially weigh 203. But it doesn't change the fact that I've lost 7 pounds since my doctor put me on the diet.

Yay! Go me!
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