August 6th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Been busy

Silence breaks with a bang. Would write scads more if I weren't expected at work by 8:30 in the morning. The highlights, with topics that need filling in later.

Work was shortened by server problems tonight. So I treated Flar (out of my freshly cashed paycheck) to a dollar movie - Sleepover - on a night when it's truly a dollar a ticket. We met at the theatre, and got there in the middle of the "pirates are bad" propaganda, right before the movie started. Flar and I both have a soft spot for teen movies; I really liked this one. Especially the shot of Alexa Vega skateboarding across the path of her heartthrob's SUV, in a sizzly red dress. Her hair is just SO wonderful. Way to make a dream impression.

Updated Quicken today; ran a report on payments to a creditor who has impinged our reports - the rest of the battle is in filing that I've yet to repair; picked up the forgotten eye exam certificate. Knight spent the bulk of the day with me.

Envoy wrote an erotic poem For Me. (Okay, so it could quite possibly be for others, that doesn't change the absoluteness fittingness of it as a gift for me, and I was pleased and honored.)

And then he wrote MORE erotica this evening. Yes, when Envoy writes about cooking, it's erotica. :) Wanna poach eggs with the man some day. I'll bet he can even make a hollandaise sauce without resorting to a packet.

Sex. Need to write about the delight of unexpected sex with an old friend. Need to write about the long slow porcess of reconnecting with spice. Need to write about fear, about anger, about violence, about control, about joy, about a number of individuals: Merry and Daisy and Debbie and Cat and kitten. Need to write about Simon. Need to write about learning to own myself again and all it entails.

Not imposing me on strangers ANY TIME SOON.

Heard in the jacuzzi on Wednesday Night:

"So you don't mind if I use you?"

"It's not using me, if I consent."

So yeah, sex two nights in a row, and a bit of afternoon delight, not much more than a week after the first tentative brushes with sensation again. Only two months since other sex, so much longer since other other-initiated sex... Hmm, Wednesday night, I'm told it was My Idea.

Trying to be vague here.

Trying to be concise and go to bed soon.

I've read about a third of the South Beach Diet. Looks like I need to stock the fridge with lots of fresh vegetables.... Gonna put together a grocery list tomorrow.

PolyDad scampered away towards home early this morning, and was kind enough to kiss me goodbye where I lay, half asleep.

Managing the feat of taking my dyazide at night and waking before 7 to pee.

Ooh, and I was total slacker-flake about the Rookettes. Seems the meeting was supposed to be today. Only I never sent out postcards, never put out flyers at the bowling alley, or even arranged for meeting space. They called me this morning to get my consent to dissolve the league. There really wasn't enough interest to keep it going but damn, I should have down my part. Gonna call the rest of the league over the cours of tomorrow and weekend, to let them know the result of the meeting. Tuesday Tigers org meeting is Tuesday.

Flar's signing me up for the club tomorrow, and I'm going to start swimming on the days I don't bowl. Which is everyday but Tuesday, looks like.

Rambly. House is still a wreck. I'm feeling better than I have in quite some time.

Ooh, gotta write about addiction.

Gotta write about how I do poly.

Gotta write gotta clean gotta work gotta sleep.

Sleep wins for now.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Bright eyed day

I've always had an amazing ability to pass time.

Last night, work ended early due to needed server repairs. Opman asked me to come in this morning to finish up the indexing I started last night. It's a job that normal gets burned on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I got up without benefit of alarm clock, and got to work shortly after 8:30am. Sleeping in would have felt nice, but I generally wake up by 6 or 7 these days, and then go back to sleep when I have the luxury.

The server repairs weren't completed. No mind, I'd brought the South Beach Diet book with me. First, I finished reading the book. Then, I sat down and turned the first 7 days of menus into a grocery list. Lots and lots of vegetables. A fair amount of dairy products. And bunches of meat.

Opman came in and admitted defeat around 9:30. He said it'd be after lunch before the network was back up, so I might as well go home. He and Ra will have to finish up the necessary indexing themselves this afternoon. He talked to me about doing prep at night occasionally, when there isn't enough indexing for full hours.

I stuck around long enough to finish up my grocery list, then headed home.

It'll be nice to get more hours. I've decided to put my knitting machine money toward an air cleaner for Flar's office, so he can smoke cigars there. Which means I'll be restarting my knitting machine savings and I still want to get it soon enough to make sweaters for each of the boys before fall hits full force.

Speaking of fall, today's weather is the kind for which you can sell tickets. Gotta plop Oliver in the player. There's bright sunshine, clear, crisp air, and the temperature was only 65 when I was out. Yummy, gorgeous weather. The only thing I like better is misty rainy steel grey days. :)

Now, I'm heading out to pick up school supplies for Tigger, including dress shoes and new sneakers. Then we'll pick up Knight on our way home, to spend the afternoon here.

The house is a mess, so we'll probably spend an exciting day cleaning house. :)

Tomorrow, Berry is bringing her boys over to play games. Sunday, I'm going to church with Berry in the morning.