August 2nd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Phone Call kind of day

I made a bunch of phone calls today.
  • OB/Gyn

    I asked him to call in a renewal of my Lexapro. It seems to be helping. Flar doesn't think I could have gotten through the last month without it. I know that in a lot of "trigger" situations, I've remained calm, and often was able to see humor when I might ordinarily have been too annoyed. So, gonna keep up with this.

    While I was on the phone, I verified the schedule for all my other meds. Turns out I'm supposed to be taking the calcium and vitamins everyday. The progesterone was prescribed as "Day 16 to Day 25" but the magnesium was prescribed as "Ovulation to Onset of Menses." I've been taking the magnesium days 14 to 28. Turns out, the doctor arbitrarily sets ovulation on day 16.

    Note: Day 1 is the first day of regular flow; spotting doesn't count. And technically, the only determinant part of the cycle is ovulation to menses, which is 14 days, and barring test kits, can only be determined by counting back. So the Day 14 versus 16 quibble is of little importance. And counting out meds seems a little less complicated now.

  • Eye doctor

    Tigger needs an eye exam for school. It's also been over two years since he was seen, so he's quite overdue. It's likely he'll need a new prescription for glasses. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my doctor can honor the discount card we have. On the bright side, they give a $10 discount on the exam, for cash. I've got an appointment for him, for 11:30am tomorrow.

  • Family Doctor

    I've been fighting a headache for days. A combination of sinus pressure and muscle tension, but I'm afraid there's an element of high blood pressure mixed in. My doctor has never recommended treatment for high blood pressure, but it didn't come down from one year to the next at the OB/Gyn. I'm not making fast progress on weight reduction, and now I'm fighting headaches, that I'm reluctant to treat with meds that impact blood pressure.

    So, seeking treatment. And oh yeah, that whole risk of stroke thing. I don't have issues like kidney disease like Flar does, whose doctor wants his BP to be remarkably low. I suspect that my family doctor has never recommended treatment because my pressure is often low enough to be marginally acceptable for my age group. But it spikes higher, and that's scary. Especially now that I don't have any regular medications to point to, for the cause. (I used to take daily sudafed, guifensin, birth control pills, and up to twice weekly doses of excedrin.) I've got an appointment for 9:40am tomorrow.

    While I'm there, I'll be picking up an immunization certificate for Tigger, for the new school.

  • Plumber

    During the PWP, we found out that the drain line for the bathrooms on the east side of our hose is broken, at the clean-out. One bathroom drains downstream of the clean-out, so we can still use it, as well as the bathroom on the other side of the house, that drains into a different septic tank. They said they could come out sometime this week.

  • Bob Mook's

    When I got my car worked on in June (May? Earlier? gad), I put off getting my rear brakes fixed. I need to get that done, and get the clunky noise in the front checked out. They told me to bring it in on Wednesday.

In the spirit of phone calls, I sent email to I sent back my PDA, but I never got confirmation of a return credit. I need to track that down and try again to order a new edge.

And, the happy inspiration for all of this activity? Flar got a check on Friday. With this check, we will have extra month at the end of the month, instead of the other way around. And, this particular check is the first in a series of retainers that he should be able to expect to receive through February. So we can finally start catching up on delayed maintenance and debt.

Which means that my other area of productivity today is opening mail and updating quicken. I'm much more motivated to do that when I've money to spend.

I stayed caught up on reading LJ through Sunday morning, but my headache was keeping me from focussing last night, and made for an uncomfortable night again, so I was once again slow in rising. Got my run to the bank made before 2, talked to PolyDad about staying over tonight, to Knight about coming by before I leave for work, and then all the phone calls. I work tonight, and have company if I get home at a reasonable hour to socialize. Tomorrow I've got appointments and errands, but I hope to catch up on LJ in the evening.

Maybe by the end of the week, I'll be waking up early enough to give myself time for "real" writing. So much to dig into.

Gotta start thinking about starting up school and bowling, too.