July 21st, 2004

Anime-me meme

Feeling meme-y today

Got this from beeeej:
  1. Explain the origin of your LJ username.
  2. If it wasn't your first choice (i.e., your first choice was already taken), what was?
  3. If it was your first choice, what would have been your second if your first was already taken?

My Answers:
  1. Wolf called me "Little One"
  2. Littleone was taken, so I looked around for synonyms, and came across "Minikin"
  3. n/a

Minikin is the first ID I've had that's completely unconnected to my name. I sometimes append it to words the way I append the shortest version of my own name, when I talk. Happy-kin, Sad-kin, silly-kin, etc. Recently, someone (maybe woobiewooster?) called me "Mini" in a comment. My maternal grandmother's name was Minnie, so I think it's kinda cool.

Like my LJ name. Eventually, I expect to request a car plate with MINKIN on it, on MINIKN. My current car is named SYSDEB. We only use six letters in Kentucky.