June 24th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

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heh. Before I spent an hour in the kitchen, cleaning, Flar commented on the productive day that I'd had.

Got all the clothes-laundry done, and a few loads of sheets (the current type of laundry-backlog that I have). Got my current week of laundry folded, and moved my personal backlog of folding to the bedroom when I was clearing off the top of the jacuzzi. Tested the jacuzzi chemicals before folding clothes, and added PH-Up. Made Sweet and Sour Ham Balls for dinner. Caught up on LJ and email.

Read more of my boring book before bed. There're advantages to reading a boring book. It's more helpful for getting sleepy. It's easier to break away when I've actually finished eating lunch or dinner, rather than lulling me into finding munchies to prolong the meal/reading.

Picked up T yesterday... We let Critter escort his brother on Southwest flights, but T (the same age as Critter) still flies in the "unescorted minor" program. I had to sign for him, but his escort brought him all the way out to the check-in area, so I didn't get a non-ticketed security pass and hand-wanding this time.

And now it's time to go to the grand gallery gala at Tigger's Art Camp.

Later daze,
Anime-me meme

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It's official, I don't have a best friend.

No seriously, the script won't run correctly in either Netscape or Explorer on my laptop.

no mime for me.

Oh, and just to be annoying, LJ has my journal in read-only mode right now. Feh.

(Obviously, I waited the several minutes, successfully.)

Now it's just yankin my chain.