June 19th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I'm still alive...

Call it hibernating. Whatever, I haven't been writing. The private entries you might see in my calendar view are bookmarks from catching up on reading, and a comics page that only updates infrequently. Methinks LJ is sporadic about honoring email posts.

Tomorrow is Father's Day.

The boys and I have much to live up to, but Flar has set a low bar for us. The former, if I go by what they did for me for Mother's Day. The latter, if I go by what Flar has asked for. He wants to sleep. :)

Tigger went with me to buy new sheets. Lazarus was having a sale, and the boys chipped in one week's allowance. I covered the balance. I also picked out a book for Flar, since if he's going to stay in bed all day, he'll want a good book. Dan Brown being our latest fast-read, I picked up the only one on the shelf that we haven't yet bought.

We just got through presenting Flar with his book, and a pillow that Tigger picked out. The pillow is wrapped to open in the morning. Critter scanned a copy of the "no box cutter" symbol to put on it, since it shouldn't be opened with a knife. :) I searched online and found some nifty packing symbols, including a "no penguins" symbol (okay, it *means* "do not freeze," but it's a penguin inside a slashed circle), but I couldn't find any "no box cutter" symbols. Critter had a box with the symbol on it, so we used that.

The boys helped me change the sheets on the bed while Flar was up in his office talking to Gaucha, and now Flar is in the bedroom in his robe, reading. I'm closing up shop and joining him, after I take a shower to preserve the freshness of the sheets. I'm thinking of reading Dan Brown along with Flar -- I haven't read Deception Point yet. That Umberto Eco book is just not captivating me -- even though I'm still plugging through it.

We're planning to have orange sweet rolls for breakfast, snacky foods for lunch, and then dinner at Planet Thai. Flar predicts that he won't actually stay in bed all day, but it won't be for our lack of trying.