May 28th, 2004

Anime-me meme


Last night, I succumbed to the self-portrait icon meme and made myself one.

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Twas a busy day of cooking and crafting and working and storms.

I've made the King Ranch Chicken for the potluck tomorrow.

I've made the doortags for house-guests; parts are ready for assembling name-tags, aside from the actual names, which I'm hand lettering this year.

Work was full. After the regular Thursday work, Details and I indexed 300 of 1298 documents in "yucky" queue. "Yucky," because it has longish entries in one of the fields, and no coherent placement of the information, which implies lots of lots of manual zooming. I double-keyed and processed the 300 after Details left.

Meanwhile, there was severe weather of which Details and I were, for the most part, blissfully unaware. There was a break in the rain when I left work, so the drive home was fine.

One group that RSVPed for the party had planned to show up tonight, but are currently no-shows. Don't know if they will show up tomorrow or whatever.

Tomorrow: name tag assembly, Traveling Cookie baking, kitchen and dining room clean-up, banking, bookkeeping, candelight ceremony at school, and

oh, there's this party in my house....