May 19th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Tuesday was a very long day

Near the end of it, i was in tears. Flar rescued me.

I started by getting up and taking the list that Flar made for groceries and turning it into a shopping tool, by rewriting it in order, and finding coupons for the trip.

I went to Lowe's for wood trim for the pantry, and compression fittings for the copper tubing. It's fun to shop at Lowe's that early in the day. Most of the other shoppers are contractors, who don't need help, so there are plenty of helpers for housewives like me.

I picked up Flar's cleaning, since that's in the same shopping center with the Kroger.

After I got the grocery shopping done, I drove out to the Fire Station way out in the country to vote. The drive took substantially longer than the actual process of voting.

Knight came over about the time I'd finished bringing in all the groceries, and helped me clean out the rest of the car, readying it for a supply run to Sam's. Once we were ready to go out, I got a phone call from the Spa Repair guy. He was going to have time to come out, so Knight and I had lunch while we waited. It turns out all he had to do was tighten the collar around the light lens cover. He left to go to another job while we filled the spa high enough to test the repair.

We made out the list for PWP paper goods after lunch, and the spa guy showed up exactly when the water was high enough. The repair worked, so all we owed was the service call fee of $75. Yay!

Before we went to Sam's, Knight and I went and picked up Critter's graduation present. When we were done at Sam's, we got caught in a heavy down pour going back to the car. It was fun, running in the rain, but my feet were cold later, driving in soaking wet canvas shoes.

By then it was time to pick up the boys. Car-line had been moved back to the school building due to the weather, and we had an extra passenger: Slackerboy. I had to pull off and rearrange the purchases, in order to clear a seat for Slackerboy.

When we got home, Flar and Knight and I discussed schedule for when Gaucha is here. That's when I figured out my brain has decided to go on vacation two weeks before school is out. All sorts of events are coming up, my PDA is dead and the backup model has calendar issues, and I'm losing track of when everything is happening.

Critter fixed dinner for us while we were still talking about stuff, then we changed to go to Tom Buford's election night party. That was pretty subdued, and I did the stand and nod thing, listening to a bunch "grass-roots" people talk.

We got home after the boys had gone to bed, and I got swept up in a wave of discouragement. Here it was, Tuesday night, but I didn't get just go and draw a bath: I still had the jacuzzi to fill and dose and I had the candles and shelves to clean and arrange and the tub to fill.

Wolf called me after the board meeting, actually as close to "on-time" for phone call as he's been recently, so the board meeting didn't really interfere. But, I still waiting for the spa to fill, and I was feeling down about not getting to have a bubble bath.

He talked to me while I worked though. Flar took over finishing up the spa so I could start in on the tub, which was really nice. Wolf stayed on the phone a goodish amount of time, keeping me company while I was cleaning, but I think I was just downright cranky. And when he rang off, I was in tears. Not so much from conversation -- just the absense of conversation meant being confronted with how much was left to do, and feeling overwhelmed.

I climbed upstairs and melted into Flar's shoulders. He was so sweet, he held me a bit, and then came downstairs and helped. He stood outside the tub; I stood inside it. We cleared off all the shelves, and he made suggestions for which candles to put where, and which to store away, and helped with cleaning off the candle holders, and getting replacement candles.

After we got all the bathtub surround settled, it only took a few minutes to clean the tub. We settled into bed by 1:30am. Like I said, a very long day.

Today I finished up the project by cleaning up the nine-votive holder that fits in the back corner.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Wednesday was another busy day

I usually get to spend all day Wednesday at home. I get all the laundry done, and various other home chores.

Today I was singularly unproductive. First thing, I drove Tigger to Sayre School for his admission testing. After I dropped him at TLS, I went to AAA for triptiks to Atlanta, and to Huntsville-Denton-Austin-San Antonio. Now I have a planning document for the trip in July, at the end of Space Camp. And Flar has a map for Gaucha to follow along, when they drive back from Atlanta on Saturday.

I didn't get home till after 11, and I was feeling pretty icky. I hadn't gotten enough sleep for running around, and I hadn't fed myself breakfast, which made things worse. Lunch didn't make a dent in my headache, so I tried to nap a bit. I couldn't sleep, so I cleaned up the candle holder to finish the bathroom project, and counted out new supplemets. Missing the first three days out so that I should probably have been taking them.

By then it was time to pick up the boys. I picked up Knight on the way back from school, so that we could drive him to the movie tonight. We had a quickie dinner, and while Knight was here, he got a look at the compression fittings. The contractors couldn't figure out how to use them, but Knight confirmed they were the right kind, and is willing to hook up the ice maker for us. All I need to do is get some pipe dope or plumber's putty.

Shrek 2 was really fun. I'm looking forward to watching it on DVD so I can slow down certain scenes.

After the movie, the plan was to move everything back into the pantry. The only problem is that many of the shelf supports were skewed, and Flar and I couldn't figure out how to take the shelves down to fix them. After some phone consultation, we worked out an alternate plan. The contractors are going to fix the shelves first thing in the morning, and I'm going to load the pantry myself.

We completely cleared off the kitchen table, marked off divisions in it, using masking tape, to correspond to sections of the shelving. Then we started carrying food into the kitchen, and sorting it into categories. By the time the boys went to bed, we had 12 sections of virtual shelving filled and labelled in the kitchen, and the countertop and one of the 6 foot shelves filled up in the dining room table cache. The hard part is the organizing, so my job tomorrow won't be awful. Flar and the boys will finish up whatever I couldn't figure out, while I'm at work tomorrow night.

Flar and I settled into the family room after that; I started up LJ and email et al, while Flar channeled surfed - landing on Monk.

Not so busy as Tuesday, but enough to feel crowded and make me cranky by the end of the day. Damn, but we had a LOT stored in the pantry...