May 16th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Friday I rested up for Saturday

Friday, I really didn't do a whole bunch of anything. I got to talk to Wolf at lunch and after work; both kind of short calls, though. I got to chat with Wolf in the evening, which was needful.

Tigger had Writer's Guild at school. This is where parents are invited to join their child in the library, to have him read to them the book he has written over the last few months. Tigger's class was writing Tall Tales this year, and his was about the Hungry Tim. I don't remember the whole thing, but Hungry Tim was responsible for creating the Great Wall of China, Ayres Rock, Mount Everest, Central Park, and many other landmarks. It was a very Tall Tale. :)

Flar and I drove together to school - which is kind of unusual, given then he has been so busy with meetings and all lately. He often has to meet me there, or go from school to a meeting. We got to talk about what's up with his various clients and such. We've been so busy at home that we haven't had a whole lot of talking time, lately.

I really don't remember doing anything particularly productive yesterday. I spent a lot of time reading Stranger in a Strange Land.

I picked up the boys early. If I waited until normal car-line, I would be able to get to the doctor's office by 3:30, so I picked them up before the canopy car-line kids were in the front lobby. Which meant that we got to the doctor's office early. And got seen early. The pharmacy didn't even take a lot of time. We were on our way home by 4:15pm. Woot!

I made chili-mac for dinner, and we watched Cheaper by the Dozen on the Satellite. Critter got a call from Slackerboy, who invited him to spend the night. I got to talk to his mom for a bit, to get the scoop on Slackerboy's short suspension. It seems that Slackerboy told a friend that when he "rules the world, he'll arrange for [the evil English teacher]'s house to be nuked." A goody two shoes in the class overheard the remark and reported it to said teacher. She insisted that Slackerboy be suspended. I don't know if it was her insistence, or Umbridge's idea, to require that he be evaluated by a phys professional (don't know whether counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist). Flakeymom is totally furious about the whole thing, and I was suitably sympathetic over the phone.

I spent a lot of time on Friday just vegging.

Today was the first half of a work weekend.

I got up and fed the dogs, since Critter had spent the night with slackerboy. After a small breakfast of just cereal, I got to work, clearing off the top of the jacuzzi, so that we could start the process of draining it and filling it. I got all the clothes folded and put away, and the drain hose attached to the jacuzzi. By then, Critter had gotten home and the boys and I bundled the dogs in the car for our appointment at Incredipet for the dog wash.

On the way back from Incredipet, we stopped at Spa Gallery for chemicals for the jacuzzi, and Sears, to make a payment I forgot to mail. We ate lunch when we got home, before starting in on cleaning.

I worked in the jacuzzi room all day. Tigger was my main helper - Flar tagged Critter as his. Tigger cleaned the windows around the jacuzzi and the slate shelf-surround. He also emptied out the sports closet. Unfortunately, we had had a small quantity of insulation in there (leftover from a jacuzzi repair), that mice had used for bedding. When Tigger emptied out the closet, various mouse nests rained down on him, and the fiberglass got him all itchy. So he got a shower break.

Flar spent most of the day working in the library, but he took a couple of breaks from that. Once to work with Critter on pressure washing the filters for the jacuzzi. And, once to plant the red bud trees. It was a nice wet day for new plantings. In the library, Flar built a support to level the sound components. Recent drought/flood cycles of weather are to blame somehow for the flooring in that corner of the library literally falling away.

Once he was through he had the components all put back together, and has declared most of them functional. I'm not sure I understand the complaint about the tape player, and the tuner part of the pre-amp doesn't work, but the turntable and CD player, as well as the distribution system, all seem to be working. Woot! There's still cleaning to be done, but the sound system was a daunting job.

Meanwhile, in the jacuzzi room, we now have a re-organized sports closet (which yielded a few ebayable children's goods, and a bunch of mouse-destroyed things), a clean jacuzzi, a vacuumed jacuzzi room floor, and a clean laundry sink. The coolers that used to crowd around the sink actually fit in the sports closet again.

The only down note was discovering that we (once again) have a leak around the light in the jacuzzi. I think it had to do with me providing point-weight when I got in there to clean it with the water out. Whatever the cause, I had to drain out the partial fill, and I've left the cover off of the equipment compartment for the repairman. I'll call tomorrow to see when I can get someone out to do the repair. On the bright side, I hadn't dumped any new chemicals in the water yet, so I didn't waste any.

We didn't stop for dinner until well after 8pm. Critter talked us into watching Cheaper by the Dozen again, because he left before it was over last night. I enjoyed watching it again. Dinner was originally to be enchiladas, but with such a late start, I postponed that meal, in favor of Baked Chicken, with Cheesy Julienne Potatoes, Rice-a-Roni Fried Rice and green beans seasoned with garlic butter.

After dinner, I tackled all the stuff from the sports closet that was intact, but needed cleaning because of the mice. It only took me about an hour. Flar came into the kitchen to keep me company while I was finishing up. I told him I was keeping the actual dish-washing until tomorrow, as well as the table. He observed that I had been working hard all day, and that I should spend the rest of the evening relaxing.

He said this at 11:49, so I laughingly thanked him for my 11 minutes of freedom. ;)

Then he helped me straighten the sheets before he piled into bed. I took a shower to wash the cleaning ick off of me (and possibly my own share of fiberglass). Then I came in to settle into my chair for email, LJ, and chat.

Tomorrow, I get to put away the various sundries that will go back in the sports closet, finish cleaning the kitchen, including vacuuming, and mop the jacuzzi room and kitchen floors. Meanwhile, Flar and the boys will be emptying out the portions of the pantry involved with repair work that will be done this week. Critter thinks tomorrow will be a day of rest by comparison with today. :) I hope to make enchiladas in the evening.

Now for reading...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Happy Anniversary to us

Flar and I are married 23 years today.

Tonight, we had a date night, just the two of us. We went to see Mean Girls in the first run theatre, and The Girl Next Door in the "dollar" theatre (which charges $3 on weekends).

I have a new life goal.

Not to be Regina's mom.

Both movies were fun, and it was neat to go out, just the two of us. We need to do that more often, I think.

We totally unloaded the pantry today, and it pretty much fills the dining room. We've got things all spread out so that we can organize it before putting it back in. The contractors are going to repair the supports on one shelf, install three new shelves, patch the drywall, potentially paint (if it can all be finished before the end of the week), and install molding around the floor.

When we are done, there should be no remaining mouse entrances.

We went to Lowe's before the movie, to buy the shelving. We also got copper tubing to replace the plastic tubing the mice keep eating through. I verified that the connection is easy to access from the front of the sub-zero, and cleaned out the drip pan -- nasty!

I didn't mop the jacuzzi room today, or make a whole lot of progress in the kitchen. Actually, I got kind of discouraged by how much of the pantry erupted into the kitchen. But the table isn't as bad now as it was it the height, so I'll cope. Tomorrow.

Knight is planning to take me on the first supply run for the PWP tomorrow: paper goods etc. We'll inventory over here before going, and that'll be a challenge, looking at the dining room.

Tomorrow: Catchup - taking "tables" with a grain of salt; measure the window in the blue bathroom for curtains; clean the tub-surround in the master bathroom; clean the master bathroom; work on editing out stuff that shouldn't go back into the pantry. And Work.

Tonight, read email, read LJ, go to bed earlier than I have been.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Somebody loves me

And he writes:
Time with you is never wasted. Time with you is always precious. Time with you is something I'm prepared to push for.

Some words are timeless.

It's easy to forget sometimes, how truly fortunate i am, to be loved by such as He.

nothing comes from nothing

so what did i do?