May 12th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Not a good day

Stayed in bed almost til 11. Finally dragged myself up and sorted laundry. I've only managed to start two loads by now. I made lunch for Flar, but didn't join him; I had a late breakfast a bit before that.

Feeling bummed today.

That Serenity Prayer. It's a crock. Okay, maybe I just need to learn the difference between acceptance and happiness. I can't seem to learn to accept those things about which I am unhappy, and have no control.

Dreamed about Lothie last night. Disturbing dream about a woman I've never met, whom I admire and assume I could be friends with, yet in the dream she was a bitch and I fought her.

Note to self: when feeling down, reading old email may help or hinder, but reading an old private journal entry entitled "Feeling sorry for myself" ... well, that wasn't too smart.

Politicians ask their constituency to look back over the last year, and ask themselves if they are better off or worse a year later.

Such a complicated question.

Feeling bummed and obscure about it.

Feeling like someone really ought to just tape my mouth shut and make me listen. Not hearing anything to listen to.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Good stuff

There's an LJ feed for Savage Love. Woot! can't replace the PDA I bought (out of stock; color is significant for straight replacement), but they aren't going to charge me a re-stocking fee (which would have been 15%), because it doesn't work. Once the refund comes through, I can try again.

The Middle School Play was Pirates of Penzance. They didn't do justice to the music (queuing up I-Tunes now, to remedy that), but there were lots of entertaining high points in their presentation of it.

Mom and Dad are coming for Critter's graduation. That may be complicated, with Gaucha here, but I think it's great that Critter will have them here for his graduation.