May 3rd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Note to self

I need to call and see when I can get the Scotties groomed. I sat down and realized there wasn't a free weekend in all of April for us to get them to the dog wash, which is another reason for the smell.

It's warm enough now, to get their backs shaved. I've been kind of putting it off because of money, though. They're all coming due for their annual checkup now, so I can't really put it off any longer:

Annual check, shots, start up heartworm meds, start up allergy meds, three baths, two stylings. It kind of adds up.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

It's not Werthers

But she is a similar grey cat.

And she's a mommy.

I have never dealt with kittens before. At least bowling and chess are over. And hey, Details will be a fount of information for me...

There are an as-yet-uncounted number of kittens nesting with their mommy behind the shelves in front of my space in our garage.
bundled up, walkabout, snow


There are at least four. No sign of momma cat this afternoon or evening, though. I hope that just means that she is out foraging for food. On Details' advice, I have provided momma cat with kitten chow. I'm being optimistic and expecting her to return to her kitties.

One of them stared at me this afternoon, and a different one hissed at me, when I was looking at them long enough to try to see if there were more than four.

Work was short tonight. Details wasn't even there - her minimal work load client is a Tuesday night job. After I clocked out, I called her to get the scoop on kitties.

Best case scenario: the momma cat sticks around long enough to wean the kitties. Once I make initial contact with momma cat, I start handling the kitties to get them used to people. Tigger should enjoy helping with this part. When they're weaned, they're old enough to adopt.

Details can arrange for all the testing and shots and fixing, for an adoption fee of $65 a kitty. It may sound like a lot for kittens-free-to-a-good-home, but vet care adds up, and this is cheaper than getting the vet work done on your own dime. She can also help me arrange to get momma-cat spayed for a discount.

If momma cat returns, I'll put a found-cat ad in the paper right away, and scheme with Details to get her spayed if she's not claimed. I'm also interested in finding good homes for at least four kittens.

Meanwhile, the boys have cleared off the top of the shelves in front of my car; we did a quick re-fold of the old electric blanket that covers Werther's old bed, and turned over the electric heating pad. There was still quite a bit of her hair, so I've covered the pad with a towel, for now. I've cleaned up the metal food bowls we used to use for Werthers, and one is full of fresh spring water and the other has a kitten chow in it. If momma cat comes home, she find the welcome mat has been set out.

And now, to use the rest of my "found" time to finish catching up. Earlier today, I got caught up on dishes, mail, the paper and laundry. I need to update quicken, clip and sort coupons, clean the kitchen table and clean the bathroom fixtures. Critter and Tigger worked on a grocery list for me earlier. If I get it finished up before the morning, I can do the grocery shopping on the way home from TLS, and then swing by the bank with a check from Flar. That would give me time at home to clean the toilets tomorrow, cause I'm really not seriously thinking of doing that tonight. ;)

Flar and Knight are due home at 12:27pm, and I'm picking them both up. I have to bring a clean shirt for Flar, who has a meeting downtown, right away. I'm going to drop him off there, then take Knight home, and hang out until it's time to pick up Flar.

If there's still an opening tomorrow afternoon (I forgot to call today and check), we're going to take the dogs to the dog-wash after school. They have an appointment with the groomer next Tuesday, but it wouldn't hurt to get clean before then.