May 2nd, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Weekend update

Wolf and Sydb were here from Friday evening through this morning. I hope they didn't feel rushed out, as I helped them meet Sydb's originally requested departure time...

When they got here Friday night, I was still trying to tidy, since I'd lost all hope of any cleaning. I was in marshall-the-troops mode, sending the boys on fetch and carries all over the house. But then we got to settle down and visit.

We got a good mix of cuddle time, gaming, online time and movies, I think.

I had to go out to the bank Saturday morning, which inspired Sydb to ask about going to the scrapbooking store in Nicholasville, whick kicked in an SSE imperative for Wolf, and we ended up at Rusty Scabbard. That was fun. Seeing Wolf go into Ferret Shock over games. It's not so much that Rusty has *more* -- just that Rusty has *different* games than Something To Do.

By the time we were done with errands, we were in need of lunch and nap and more cacooning, so that is what we did.

Wolf and Sydb had't seen Mars Attacks!, so that's the movie we watched this weekend. For dinner last night, I made a particularly thick batch of chicken n dumplings, which Sydb and Wolf both said they liked. While I fixed dinner, we played one version of Say What?, then another while we were watching the movie. That's one of the games Sydb picked out at Rusty, and makes a really great "background" game.

Wolf brought me a nifty plastic-coated reference "card" (in quotations marks, since it unfolds into a size as large as some of my plastic-coated maps) for Perl. He also brought me a Perl reference that he doesn't use much. At one point while we were online, Wolf started to explain some of a code snippet that he gave me a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend at Lowe's, I picked out and paid for a front door for the contractor to install for us. Friday, I decided to have some copies made of the keys, so that we'll have enough to share. I gave Wolf and Sydb copies Friday night.

After Wolf and Sydb left this morning, I followed them out the door, to go to Berry's church. When we were planning to go out on Friday, and I was telling her about what's been going on with TLS, she invited me to go to church this morning.

It was actually kind of scary. I don't often go places by myself, unless you count shopping. Since I was to meet her there, it meant walking in by myself, and then being in a big crowd of strangers clustered in the social hall before the service. But I spotted her pretty quickly. She seemed surprised that I showed up. But very very pleased. She introduced me to lots of people (whom I promptly forgot; I'm terrible with picking up new names, especially in big groups like that). Then she sat with me through the service.

It was a special service for the 5th anniversary of the founding of this church, so the minister told the story of the church itself. Then they read the names of the people who had accepted Christ in the last year, and asked them to come up on stage. Berry's younger son was one of these people, and she was very proud of him.

After the service, I was talking with Berry about how we were planning to spend the rest of the day, and said something about spoiling Tigger. Than I got upset, thinking about the school thing again, and how it will hurt Tigger. She was comforting and encouraging to talk to, but I teared up again. I hate that I cry so easily about this. I stuck around with Berry while she was picking up her kids, and invited them to come over to play Monopoly with us -- Tigger's preferred activity for the afternoon.

Geste rode home with me, and Berry took his little brother home, then joined us. Which meant we had five for Monopoly: Berry, Geste, Critter, Tigger and me. I had a particularly lucky first round of the board, picking up 5 properties, including Park Place. Then later, it looked like I was going to be an early casualty after a risky decision to mortgage properties in order to buy Boardwalk.

Berry got a stong position early in the Green properties, and had plenty of capital for improvement, when she managed to get the monopoly. The way it turned out, Critter and Tigger went bankrupt to Berry and Geste went bankrupt to me. We didn't play the game out to the bitter end due to time, but decided the outcome was clear, when Berry managed to clear my premium properties (which I had managed to build up to hotels by then) at a point where I was critically low on cash. It was pretty easy to concede the game at that point.

After Geste and Berry left, I lazed around reading the paper, got Tigger to rinse recycling and spend a half-hour removing trash from his room, and checked in with Critter every half hour or so, on the progress of his History paper.

At some point, I remembered stuff I'd wanted to give Wolf and Sydb before they left, and dug it up for when I see them on Friday. I found my Repair-Master book for Whirlpool washers, which may help Wolf debug their Maytag. I found my copy of Once Upon a Time, a game that I'm loaning to Sydb for game nights, and while I was searching for those, I found an extra copy of Skip-Bo which is probably Wolf's. Meanwhile, we have an extra copy, still in the shrink-wrap, of It's Mine!, so I've decided to venture into ebay sales.

Critter and Tigger are both in bed now, and I may turn in early to nurse this headache. Slackerboy just called to ask Critter some homework questions, but I didn't pass the call along, since it's after bedtime. I *did* look up Boyle's Law, Charle's Law and the chemical equation for respiration for him, though. I heart Google. :)

  • TLS drop-off
  • Bank
  • Call Sayre/drive by to get another copy of the admissions application -- which I couldn't find with the rest of the Sayre stuff on Flar's desk.
  • Catch-up
  • Figure out Stampin Up order for Stamp Club
  • Chat with Sydb
  • If I have extra cleaning time, I will use it to vacuum. The floors are awful.