April 30th, 2004

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Turning in

24 hours was an accurate estimate, and it only took skip=75 to catch up on my friends list.

Bowling was great. The ladies voted to try to pull together a league in the fall, which was encouraging. I was expecting them to vote not to even try. Bowling no-tap is always fun. And, there were Krispy Kreme donuts on the breakfast buffet. :)

Flar said to go ahead and deposit the check he wrote to go with the latest client check he received. The client check was lower than expected, but he says we can make up the difference later (there is a cushion in his account for paying quarterly taxes). So I got to deposit money after bowling.

I napped when I got home, then dressed in a skirt since I was working tonight. There's a no shorts policy, which seems nuts, since I work the night shift and never see anyone. Right. The owner was in the parking lot, seeing out a new saleman, when I arrived tonight. He walked me into the building, and I was so glad I was dressed appropriately.

I made the mistake of popping mail before I left for car-line. We got a letter from Fudge, which I forwarded to Flar with the subject line changed to "what next?" and forwarded to Wolf and Sydb so the could be appropriately comforting to me. Wolf was especially kind over the phone this evening.

I also forwarded the letter to my Mom, asking for prayer. I can't do much of anything about this right now, and need peace so I can stop tearing up about it. Mom called and talked to me at work for a long time. She also sent me a note.

I'm going out to lunch with Berry tomorrow, and I let her know what was up. When I logged in this evening, I had an invitation to join her at her church on Sunday. I've been kind of interested in going with her but wanted to wait for a specific invitation, and reading this after having talked to Mom, and gotten her reply about prayer and stuff, well, it seemed to all mesh together. Church service is late enough that I would be leaving here 30 minutes after Wolf and Sydb need to be out the door on Sunday. So I might go. We'll see.

Scarlette appears to have run out of food, and she's going to have to start thinking about this today. Real Soon Now.

Oh, yeah, work. I dallied around here, eating dinner at home, and not even trying to leave the house before 6. I left the house with the paper, and not so much as a drink. That's because Opman called (while I was napping, natch) and let me know that I only had the one client to index. A client that's taken me as little as 45 minutes in the past, but it does vary. Tonight, a queue that ordinarily has less than a hundred documents in it had 852. I put in a nice solid 4:30 hours. My paycheck was waiting for me, and bigger than I'd feared it would be. And, bonus, Flar's check was ready, as well. Yay!
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A response from the Board President

Subject: Reply from [Fudge]

Dear [me]:

Because admission decisions are exclusively a function of the school's
administration, I shared your letter and our phone conversation with [Umbridge]. The decision is final.

As she does with any issue which might be deemed controversial, [Umbridge] met with the Executive Committee of the Board prior to sending the
letter to you. They unanimously supported [Umbridge]'s position as did the
School's administration.

Although this was difficult decision for the School to make, it is not
the first time we have had separations with families.

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My Mom's opinion

Dear [me],
I will definitely pray for you and put a general request on our prayer chain. I can imagine how you feel, I have lost sleep myself. The letter is cold and uncaring. I am personally offended, we have supported the school ourselves for 10 years.
I love you very much. I will pray for [Flar] to be very effective in his presentation of why [Tigger] should be allowed to attend TLS. Then part of me hates the school and does not want my grandsons anywhere near it.
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TLS developments.

I called Flar this morning, in Sapriranga. Damn, but J's voice is even lower than Critter's now. (Gaucha's son) Their power is out, so who knows when Flar would have been able to read email.

His reaction to the letter was to accept the intentions of finality from the school, and have me call Sayre. I had to leave voicemail. I'm very nervous about how late in the season it is to try to enroll him, and about the possibility of TLS screwing that somehow, too.

Flar said that after we get Tigger completely settled into the new school, he wants to set about destroying the reputation of TLS - including letters to TLS parents, and possibly seeing if the paper is interested in doing a piece on TLS. When I am angry (I keep cycling through a suite of emotions), I can understand this. Otherwise I find the idea repugnant, and feel my stomach churning over the prospect.

I am also worried about how it might paint us in the Sayre community.

I think I can say that thinking about school just makes me feel ill right now.

Lunching with Berry today will be the first step in passing along any chess-mom wisdom to the next generation, I suppose.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

mini update

working backwards:

I didn't catch all the way today, so I'm scurrying now, as Wolf and Sydb are on their way. Yay!

We had steak for dinner tonight. I also tossed some boiled shrimp through a peanut/broth/pepper mixture, and cooked crinkle-cut carrots with some honey. Critter found the shrimp a tad hot, but inhaled them, and soothed his tongue with milk. Tigger doesn't like shrimp, so supplemented with canned spaghetti and meatballs. I didn't care for the carrots, but there are none left on the boys' plates.

I updated my amazon wish list, so I decided to add that link to my components links list.

On the way home from chess club, we dropped off the last baby-tree-to-a-good-home, and shopped at Rusty Scabbard. I got an Out of the Box game by Reiner Knitzia: Fish eat Fish. It has cute bits.

I gave the boys allowance, so they could shop.

Yes, this was an easy "spoil Tigger" moment. Going to put a lot of those out there, I think.

Chess Club was a zoo. Bride took the "party" part of end-of-year party too seriously, and the there was very little in the way of chess playing. She actually started playing Holes, even though there wouldn't be time to watch it. Ah well.

The other mothers ambushed me, and there was a gift for me and a presentation and stuff when they gave gifts to Bride and Mr.Coach. I teared up, and then the accumulated pollen in my eye-lashes burned my eyes, and well, it wasn't pretty. I didn't talk to any of the moms about the fact that we won't be back next year or why, since the kids were around. I'm planning on writing a personal note of thanks to each of the chess parents with whom I had regular contact.

Transitions suck.

Between lunch and chess club, I delivered baby-trees-free-to-a-good-home. Note to self: Exit 98 is NOT an acceptable turn-around option when missing exit 96 from I-64. The Bert Combs Highway is a nice drive, even on an overcast day.

Berry treated for lunch, but I picked up the tip. I enjoyed the food and expect to go back. We talked about chess next year, and school for Tigger. Berry is an alum of Sayre and good friends with the admissions director, so she will put in a good word. Said director called me, and let me know the first step would be to fill out the application we already have in hand. We also need to draft a letter to TLS telling them of our intentions, so that they will be prepared to send transcripts to Sayre. (And we need to send in the last tuition payment for Tigger's part of this year, so they won't have an excuse to withhold it.)

And now for dashing about. And playing the new game with Tigger.