April 10th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

time flew

Today I finished off folding and putting away the last of the 10 loads of laundry that I ran on Wednesday and Thursday. This amounted to all the towels, and my clothes. The jacuzzi top is cleared off, and Flar noticed.

I then cleaned in the kitchen. I cleaned the microwave, the countertops, the range, the sinks, and all the hand-wash dishes.

By then, it was time for a lunch break. I had leftover spinach-feta pie, with an orange.

I was planning to post receipts and bills in Quicken while I was chatting with Sydb, but instead I read and answered email, read and commented in LJ, and then got distracted playing around with the Get Moving Kentucky! website.

I'm now registered, and managed to get it to accept my starting weight, height and waist girth. Speaking of weight, I gained a pound on Spring Break. I was telling Flar about it yesterday, not exactly beating myself up, but mildly annoyed. He was impressed, because I was on vacation, eating basically whatever I wanted. He said only gaining one point sounded like a success to him.

More on Flar and dieting after I finish with my day. ;)

I was running a little late when I left the house - not if I were going straight to school mind you, but I have a deposit to make at the bank first, and traffic into Nicholasville was already slowing. Gotta give myself bigger bumpers for chess club pickup, than I needed to get there at the beginning of club.

It turns out that I'd no need to rush. While I was on my way, Tigger called me. He wanted to have a friend (R) come home with him. The full set of phone calls was Tigger-> me, R-> R's mom, Tigger-> me, and then me-> R's mom. And then imagine my surprise to see his R's dad at school, anyway.. But, he knew about R coming home with Tigger; he was at school to pick up R's brother, and talk to R's piano teacher.

That was the other reason I needn't have rushed: R had a piano lesson after chess, so we didn't leave the school until 5:45. Flar got home befoe I did, so he cooked dinner tonight.

Flar makes an interesting diet companion. He's losing weight steadily, but he's also swimming or working with weights 5 days a week, and playing racquetball on Saturdays. Whereas I waffle about whether to counting cleaning the kitchen as 15 minutes of physical activity, since I wasn't actually standing still while I did it. ;)

But, he doesn't rub his weight loss in and expect the same of me. Instead, he seems to recognize how difficult dieting and weight loss are, and appears impressed/pleased that I'm joining him, even though my progress is much less consistent or significant than his.

Anyway, he's rather practical and realistic, as well as encouraging and helpful as a diet partner.

If circumstances make eating at home problematic, he doesn't get crazy about it, he just eats light where he is. He's been fixing at least half of the dinners - when he has more time than I do -- seems like that shouldn't be the case, me being the housewife and him being the Now Fully Booked consultant, but housewifes have a lot of out-of-house errands, like school pickup, and grocery shopping.

We ended up with about 15 minutes of "leisure time" after dinner, before we needed to leave to get to the theater in time for Ella Enchanted. It was a wonderful movie. Great music, incredible sets, etc. I think Knight called it a live-action Shrek. Oh, and a nice happy ending.

R's dad picked him up at the movie theater, and then Tigger was sad because R couldn't have a sleepover tonight. R got Tigger's hopes up, saying that his acting class was cancelled tomorrow, but his dad seemed quite sure it would be held. R's dad seems easily confused, but I'm betting that R misunderstood the announcement that he remembered. After all, R's mom seemed sure about it too, over the phone.

I ended up cheering up Tigger by trying to learn to play Pac Man World on the Game Cube. This was after the Toucan failed. (Maybe I should have tried French.)

Flar says there are people in the car industry that want to change car controls into something more like game system controllers. When that time comes, may I have a chaffeur please? And having different camera angles certainly didn't help matters.

Tigger went to bed a little subdued, but happier, and ready for bowling in the morning. Meanwhile I stayed up to check in on LJ and actually write something before the day disappears into the ether will all my other un-recorded days...

Tomorrow, I take Tigger to the YABA banquet, and Flar does grocery shopping for Sunday. He's planning a churasco, and I'm making a bunny cake. Flar's dad is coming over with his girlfriend on Sunday. Critter wants a state ID, so Flar may be taking him to the county courthouse in the morning. (Critter's new wallet has an ID window; I think that's half his motivation.)

At noon, Flar has a racquetball date, and then after lunch, we're planning to drive to Louisville so that Flar can testdrive a Q45. He's worked a deal with one of his clients, to lease a car for him.

We made a date with Wolf and Sydb, to go out for dinner, our treat. So now I need to research which restaurants in Louisville take Diner's Club.

nini all
bundled up, walkabout, snow

The meaning of Fully Booked

In my post about my day, I described Flar as a Fully Booked Consultant.

This is cool.

This means half again more income than we need to pay our "normal" bills, which means money for paying down debt.

The next two weeks are still a bit dicey, with taxes and school tuition and enrollment fee and first mortgage being the big ticket items.

But after that, the cash flow should have established, and when Flar gets back from his next trip to Brazil, we're going to sit down and decide on our repayment plan.

Once the credit cards are paid off, being Fully Booked then means income twice our regular bills. Which means that we can afford a car loan to buy me a new van, and we can afford to do things we've been putting off, like maintenance on my old car, fixing up things around the house, and then starting back in on the remodelling.


And the cool part? All of his booked work is either in Lexington or Brazil. Sweet.