March 26th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I should set out cheese and crackers

... to go with this whine.

Maybe I'll find a nice cheesey icon somewhere.

In no particular order:

School sucks. Bride was sick today, so they cancelled chess club. Back when Coach was in charge, he'd call me to see if I was planning to be there, and club would go on as scheduled. I've been asked not to attend chess club the rest of the year, so they just cancelled it outright for today. I haven't written about this whole thing, it's long and drawn out, and I haven't the energy to write more about it today.

Except for. Chess Club sucks. I was unfairly penalized following a false accusation, but the bitch who's running the school right now. See School Sucks. Earlier rants about dress code and ninth grade cancellation relevant.

Tigger appears to be coming down with something. He had a queasy stomach this morning, but no throwing up, and he thought he could handle school. I got a call around 11 that he came to the nurse with a headache and a 99°F temp.

I still haven't done the grocery shopping for this week, and have a get out of shopping free card from Flar, who remind me he can shop for his own self this week while he's home alone during Spring Break.

The house is a mess.

I haven't been getting enough sleep - work, getting up early for the boys/phone call with Wolf, not-getting-the-house-clean work, etc. interfering with the sleep imperative.

I only got half the laundry done this week, see earlier remark about groceries and correlate with low supply of laundry detergent.

Two fish died in the aquarium.

On the bright side:

I can whine about it in my journal.

My nails are lilac, and the "Hard as Nails" stuff seems to be performing as desired.

I got to play a new card game at bowling yesterday, and even won one round.

I'm going on vacation Real Soon Now.

I am loved.

Even when I'm a whiny bitch.

My dogs are adorably cute.

The sun is shining.

Things are green.

Oh wait, I need my claritin, maybe that was a whine.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Chess Club

Okay, I'll try to write up one of the myriad things that is causing evil stress in my life.

Yes, I know, calling 15-20 parents over the course of two evenings, fielding last minute additions and deletions, and then attending tournaments boasting hundreds of kids could be considered stressful.

I should be all relaxed, now that the tournament season is over, and we've just the fun part of chess club left: Tic Tac Chek, Tile Chess, Nightmare Chess, Omega Chess, Martian Chess, at club, a sleepover, a year-end party with cake and ice cream. Sure, there's some stressy things left, like supervising up to 60 kids using my games, organizing the party, the year-end gift, having yet another sleepover in the house, hand-stamping and embossing participation certificates for the kids...

There's stuff to do, right?


On the upside, I've got a nickname for the interim Headmistress: Umbridge.

So, the story on chess club....

It really starts with Flar and I establishing ourselves as disgruntled parents, with our vocal opposition to the cancelling of 9th grade, and the manner in which it was handled. The year continued to present major and minor disgruntling opportunities, such as the change in school pictures procedures, the new dress code, the cavalier attitude of the evil English teacher, etc. That's background. It's clear that Umbridge doesn't like me, since I'm not interested in kowtowing to her line.

Earlier this year, I had a very unpleasant meeting with Umbridge and the division heads for the lower school and the middle school. The invited member of the board of trustees didn't bother to show up. In this meeting, they informed me that the chess club faculty sponsor next year would not be assuming any Saturday responsibilities. As there would be no school employee present at tournaments, they were interested in changing our current procedures to minimize school liability.

I'm getting sick of that word. It's tossed around by non-lawyers all the time, as if everyone knows what they're talking about, but never really checking facts with lawyers. Liability for what? For the actions of our students, I think is the implication. But it's never made clear. Just that vaguely evil word: liability. This is a school that arranges multiple-day field trips for each of the middle school grades. The 9th grade trip is over a week long. But suggest that the speech time actually stay in the hotel where they're having a state-level tournament with events running from 8am until as late as 11pm at night? Egad! The possible liabilities!

Excuse me, I digress.

The issue regarding tournaments -- they no longer want the team to enter tournaments on a team roster. Even though: (a) the roster is compiled and confirmed by a parent volunteer (me); (b) the students will be treated as a school team by the tournament, whether they enter individual entries or come in on a roster. I don't see where having the parents send in individual entries instead of one combined entries removes the school from any liability issues. The students are still representing their school, either way. If the liability issue is a fear that TLS parents will sue TLS over something that happens to the kids while they're at the tournament, that is not going to be any less likely just because they entered their kids themselves. The school is still behind there *being* a team in the first place. Heck, by their plan, they would still be informing parents of when tournaments were being held, etc. All this really does is guarantee that 30-50 percent of the kids who currently participate *won't* next year, because they don't make up their mind to enter the tournaments until after the registration deadlines. And hey, they get to enter late the way we do it now, because I've actually built up credibility with the tournament organizers. Kids who call up tournament organizers trying to join late get told "Check with [minikin], if she calls me to confirm, then you're in."

Okay, yeah, that was an ugly, messy paragraph and I just don't have the energy to break it apart and pretty it up and make this issue more clear. What it boils down to is the school wanting to pull away from supporting the tournament aspect of chess, without actually telling the kids not to play.

When this all blew up, I talked it over with Berry, and we decided to wait until Umbridge is out, and bring this issue up with the new Headmaster. I don't have a nick for him yet; time will tell on that front.

Fast forward. Last tournament. State. The tournament was on March 13th. Deadline for entries was the Mar 7. I did calling for the tournament on Mar 4 & 5. It's pointless to call earlier, because parents/students always want to wait until the last minute to decide. If I call earlier, they forget entirely. On the 6th, I made tournament handouts with preliminary rosters listed. I made sure that every player who was confirmed or interested in the tournament got a copy of the handout, and was able to confirm two of the unconfirmed players. Two of the kids who were interested were H&H. They were excited about playing in the tournament, but I told them I needed to hear from their mom before I could confirm them, and to call me by end of day on Saturday (the 6th).

Saturday morning I got a call from Imperious-mom. She was panicked, thinking that the tournament was already in progress, and that her kid(s) were missing it. So the first part of the conversation was reassuring her that the tournament was in a week, and that all I needed was for her to tell me that day. I asked her whether one or both of the boys would be competing.

But she had all this energy left over from panic mode, so she had to turn it elsewhere. She blew off whether the younger boy would participate, implying that she would call me back on that, then started haranguing me about not using email to notify parents about tournaments. When I started to try to explain about getting used to a new work schedule this year, at a job which doesn't provide internet access, and how I do the calling on dinner break, and ready to segue into how I ended up having to do the calling anyway last year, when I *did* the email notifications.

But. She kept interrupting me, derailing my train of thought and being increasingly hostile and well, imperious. Like I'm her servant or something. I asked her to stop interrupting me, but it became clear that she wasn't listening, and I was tired of being harangued, so I hung up. And walked back into the bowling alley to watch Tigger play.

Later in the day, I called her. She hung up on me. Fair reaction - tit for tat. I called again. Left a message on her answering machine, telling her that I still didn't know which of the boys would be in the tournament, and to call me by 6pm or I couldn't confirm them on the roster.

I didn't end up finishing up the roster until Sunday. She hadn't contacted me, so I included her kids in the "unconfirmed" list in the email, and then email her to once again ask whether to include (and which of) the boys in the tournament.

Monday (the 8th), I got a call from Bride, telling me that she wanted to add the boys to the tourny. Turns out Bride was assuming both, but when I called her on that, she wasn't sure, rang off, called to check, and called me back. Only one of the boys. There were one or two more changes during the week; I coordinated them with Bride, who gets the school to cut one check for the entry, and then the parents pay TLS instead of the tournament.

H was already at the tournament when I got there, and Imperious-mom had made arrangements for Bride to drive him home after the tournament. She had also left money with Bride to treat the team to lunch. Very generous. H got to play, that division of the team even got to play in the four-board competition, although they didn't place high enough for trophy material. As far as I knew, as well that ends well.

The next Monday (the 15th), I opened a letter from the school. Umbridge tells me that ImperiousMom complained about me, and accused me of threatening her. She asked the school to "handle this." Umbridge went on in the letter to state that since the tournament season was over, she would prefer if I would not attend chess club for the rest of the year.

I called Umbridge and spoke with her on Monday morning. I forwarded my email to IM to her, to show her its non-threatening tone. In both communications, I stressed my disappointment that she would made such an extreme decision without even asking for my side of the story. I called up Berry and asked her to take over as "committed parent volunteer" for the rest of chess club. Have on my list of things to do, sending her all the phone numbers so that she can do the calling for end-of-year party, and for end-of-year gift. For MrCoach at least, if not Bride.

Flar wrote up a lovely angry letter for me. I then wrote out information about the order of events and such for him to make some corrections. The gist of the letter is "we think you made a decision contrary to school policies. Take it back and apologize, or call a meeting of a committee of board members to investigate this." Flar writes good angry letters.

Meanwhile, we still haven't turned in Tigger's application for school next year. We were hoping to mail it in, at the end of the this month. Flar got to looking at the terms in the contract, which have changed from previous years. And he didn't like what he saw. The school has written into the enrollment contract a requirement to support the school in all of its decisions. Previous contracts deal with procedures for amicable dissent. There are also rather draconian measures written in about late payments, involving pulling students out of classes.

Flar pulled out the phone book and called Sayre. We took Tigger for a tour yesterday. Tomorrow, we decide. One hand, we could give TLS another year of Tigger's life, betting on the new headmaster being able to turn things back around. On the other, we could give Tigger a new start at a school that hasn't turned away from the small private school tradition in which TLS started.

If we stay, Flar's finishing the current angry letter. If we go, he pens a new letter, setting forth all of the reasons for our departure.

Meanwhile, I'm not going to chess club.. But, my contribution to the end-of-year party is the participation certificates - I'm still making them. And, I told Berry I'd contribute to an end-of-year gift, if she organizes one.

That's what's up with chess club.