March 19th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

I beat up an old lady today - Spydie agrees

I bowled 203, 173 & 151. For reference, my average is still 141. Prez is in Vegas, so I was bowling for the team. My opponent was bowling for her team, as well. The last game was the closest - I only won by 6 points.

Too sleepy to write. Tomorrow I will be too busy. The weekend I shall be traipsing home to Louisville to reconnect with my other spice, so no bets on intense writing - lessen we all sit at our laptops, typing away together. ;)

Want to write about my independent 10 year old, who woke up sick Monday night, and took care of himself. Including remembering to brush his teeth to take care of the icky taste. He was fine all day Tuesday when I kept him home. And played hooky from all my normal Tuesday errands.

Need to write about chess brou-ha-ha, and Flar's facility with scathing prose.

Ought to take pictures of my knees. The bruises are starting to show. I'm like a very old fashioned polaroid. Remember how long it used to take before you could see a picture?

Want to write about installing Gallery and finally getting it to work.

Want to find the time to get shell access working on inorganic again. I *used* to have a decent SSH client. Don't know what I did with it.

Meanwhile, any transient dramas aside, I am a happy and beloved person. What more could anyone ask?

Oh yeah, it helps that Flar is finally fully-signed. It means he's busy as heck, but there's money coming in, and I'm determined no longer to miss payments due to procrastination, now that there's money to pay bills.

I'm really looking forward to the prospect of ditching the consumer debt, next year.

Okay, rambling.

Bed now.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Just call me Henny-Penny

Neither of the boys, who are home from school today, which is teacher conference day, wanted to accompany me on my errand run.

So they're unloading the car for me, and putting away the groceries.