March 14th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Picture meme

Zillions of uninteresting pictures come up in an image search of my actual name. Okay only 105,000. Heck, some of them might be interesting, but the first few pages worth weren't, so I stopped looking.

An image search for minikin resulted in 141 hits, and I didn't see anything particularly interesting.

However, in an image search for sysdeb, I got only two hits, and they were actually mine! One was a picture for a mailto: link, and the other was a tiny picture of me:
bundled up, walkabout, snow

The chess tournament and beyond

We had 14 kids at the State tournament.

There were four kids in the State Primary tournament. Two of our kids got 3 points (in five rounds), and the team scored 10 points altogether. But in this tournament it took more than 3.0 to score a trophy, and the first team trophy went to a team with 15 points.

For elementary and middle school levels, the State tournament is a four-board competition. Each of 16 teams pits 4 players against one other team, each round. It takes 2.5 points to win a round, and there are four rounds. Neither of our elementary or middle school teams qualified for the four-board in the Quads tournament, but a spot opened up for us in the elementary division.

We had five elementary players, so four participated in the Four-Board competition, and one participated in the State Alternates (individual) tournament. Our Four-Board team lost the first round, tied the second round, and won the last two rounds. Which put our team at 7th place for the tournament. Not trophy territory.

Our middle school players all participated in the Alternates tournament, and one of the kids placed 2nd overall by winning all four of his games. Besides the second place trophy, he also received a Perfect Game plaque.

The tournament was held at Heritage Hall in downtown Lexington, in two large rooms. According to this morning's Herald-Leader, which covered the event, there were 550 players in the tournament, which was open to Kindergartners through High school. And they were all in one big room for skittles. And another similar room for player tables.

Flar was very sweet. He dropped us off and picked us up, so I didn't have to park and walk on my injured knee. We were there from 8:30 to about 6:30pm. While they were waiting for the final round, Tigger arranged a playdate for himself and Critter, with one of the middle school players. A's mom was okay with it, on the condition that we gave A a ride home from the tournament.

Flar and I decided to use our unplanned child-less state to go out to dinner. There was a silly interlude while I tried to find out if Chili's accepts Diner's Card. They not only don't accept it, most of the employees don't recognize that phrase as describing a credit card. Sigh.

We decided to use our Christmas presents from Brody and his wife, and went to the Outback for dinner. We called to see what Ro and Knight were doing for dinner, and invited them to join us. We had fun catching up with Ro and Knight.

When we got home, Flar went up to his office to call Gaucha, and I gave the dogs couch time while I caught up on email and LJ. At the point where I was done reading, and considering whether to write up the day, or possibly even begin configuring Gallery, my computer crashed (I think it was a memory exception in a javascript from the Penny Arcade page that TigerKnight pointed out), so I decided to call it a night and went to bed.

This morning, Flar and I got up and fed the dogs and went our separate ways. He went to Brody's to watch The Game, and I went to pick up the boys.

Brody has a large screen digital TV, and the game was being broadcast in HDTV, so Flar and his dad were watching it with Brody.

The boys and I took the dogs for another bath at the dog wash. I think the scotties got much cleaner this time, due to more in-between bath brushings. They don't have tangles and mats in their fur anymore, which is cool.

When Flar gets back from watching B-ball, we're all going out to watch Agent Cody Banks: 2.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Critter - dating?

Yesterday, Critter asked to borrow my phone at the chess tournament. Seems he wanted to invite C to go to the movie with us.

C is the girl that we used to tease Critter and call her is girlfriend. He met her at the party we threw for TLS before the first day of pre-kindergarten, when she came upstairs (it was an outside party) to play Thomas the Tank Engine. His first playdate after school was with C. His first sleepover was with C. When Critter started 2nd grade, his teacher put him at a desk with C and B, his bestest friends. That lasted all of one day, as they were a disruptive combination. :)

When Critter still invited "the whole class" to parties, C was one of the few girls who came. When Critter was making select invitation lists, C was one of two or three girls included. We took C with us to see the first Lord of the Rings movie, or maybe it was one of the Star Wars flicks. But somewhere along the way, Critter stopped inviting C over, stopped talking about her, and then he got on the whole kick of not wanting to even talk about girls.

So imagine my shock when he called her up yesterday. He left a message on an answering machine, and then called back today. It turned out he had the wrong number in his PDA, though, so he looked up the right number and called again. She couldn't go to the movie with him today, because she has a soccer tournament, but he followed up by suggesting that they go to a movie together next weekend.

Not only did he decide to ask her out, he was persistent.

I think it's kind of cool. :)
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