March 11th, 2004

bundled up, walkabout, snow

A Birthday Morning

Tigger woke me up this morning, bouncing on the bed, requesting banana pancakes. I made him 10. Silver Dollar sized, of course. Critter had two regular sized pancakes, and three of Tiggers. Tigger left about one (a quarter of four, technically) on his plate.

Not only does Tigger get a three-day weekend for his birthday, today is a dress-up day at school, so everyone is dressed up for his birthday. :)

Wolf called late this morning. I would jokingly blame Sydb, for posting about how he's been on-time every morning, but it was really due to him going to bed so sleepy last night that he forgot to check the alarm. He was really sweet though, and called me from the bus after he got on, since our phone call got cut short by its abrupt, albeit fortunately timely, arrival. I should have arrived at work on-time, anyway.

Last night I ran out of steam before I got done what I set out to do. So this morning, I need to update and print the Rookettes records, likewise Quicken, then dash to pick up LaDonna_Rena. After bowling, I'm stopping at the Wal-Mart for Super Smash Brothers Melée, and a birthday card for Tigger. I keep trying to put Mario in that title, but he won't let me. ;) Then I'm dashing home to ice the cake and wrap the game and leave in time to pick up Tigger.

We're also giving one of his party guests, S, a ride home from school. S's dad is a teacher at TLS, and they live in Versailles. We're giving him a ride to avoid either (a) his mom having to drive in to Lexington at 3, then back to Nicholasville at 5 or (b) him having to hang out at school waiting for his dad to drive him to Nicholasville at 5. Once we get home, I'm going to do a mad dash cleaning of the bathrooms, with a search and destroy for any sources of mold. That appears to be the one big worry of W's parents. S has the questionable privilege, as an early arrival, of helping with any last minute room tidying for which Tigger is responsible. Not do we make our kids pull their weight around the house, we expect their friends to help. John Rosemund would be proud. ;)

Time to work,
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A good day mood

where humor may be found at the Wal-Mart, along with everyday low prices. :)

I went by to pick up Tigger's game, and left with a smile. I can't remember now what the cashier said to make me laugh...

It could be that I'm just in a good mood. Minor, occasionally acute, intentional pain aside. Or, maybe that's part of why.

After lunch, first I get to play with icing, then I have to clean toilets. Life's a trade off, but I'd rather do chores like this on a good mood day, all things considered.

Enchiladas, yum!
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No wonder I've been feeling more peppy

The guaifenesin also has pseudophedrine in it...

sigh. Makes me glad I've been taking it once a day instead of twice a day. I used to take this stuff all the time, but hey, when I'm not accustomed to it, I'm thinking it would make sleep that much harder to find....
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